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How To Keep Yourself Intellectually Alive


Ask a stay at home mom and she’d tell you how is to have conversations ALL DAY with a child aged all of 2 years and 5 years. Day after day, a stay at home mom longs for adult conversation. Don’t get me wrong, eh?! I mean, something that is intellectually stimulating. That what makes you feel alive, talk about things that really are affecting the world like the quirky Republican’s presidential nominee Donald Trump and terrorist attacks happening in Turkey or anything under the sun that makes you be you.

All of the child talk is cute and sweet, but this 24/7 routine can make you feel like a frog in the well. You’d feel the pinch when you talk to your friend who has a corporate career and after a point in time not have anything to talk at all but the kids and husband.

It is an effort to achieve intellectual nirvana, if I can call it that. An art to say the least. Here are my checklist that I do to keep myself on my toes before I get brain dead!

Read the newspaper

No better way to keep yourself updated of what’s happening around the world than read the humble newspaper. Find time when the kids sleep or are busy with the television.


Learn something new

My City Woman's blog on staying mentally active
Shiva and Shakti-Oil on Canvas done by me!

In the last 2 years of my life as a stay at home mommy, I have learnt Belly dancing, painting (acrylic and oil on canvas), tried Zumba, learnt baking, goggled for business ideas, made business plans (only to junk them 2 days later), learnt how to design a website, learnt terms like “blogosphere” and here I am! Challenge yourself every day. It’s all part of the big plan and you grow as you learn.


Keep yourself productive

And cleaning the closet does not qualify for productiveness here. Keep on doing something great for yourself. Improve your skill set and your knowledge base. It follows from point number two above. A pre-primary school going kid gives you couple of free hours at hand. USE THIS TIME FOR SELF IMPROVEMENT.


Attend meet-ups

Many of the meet-ups of your interest group happens at hours conducive to mothers like afternoon when kids take a nap. Use this time to network and collaborate. It’s not every day and it is good to step out and meet people who have the same interests as you.



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