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How To Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

In today’s modern life, there is just so much of distraction around for everyone- parents as well as kids. Coupled with that, electronic devices like i-pads, television and x-boxes just make it even more difficult to manage the child’s attention span. The classrooms too are full with at least a 40 students calling for teachers attention. Unless a child pays heed, t is easy for him or her to get lost along the way. We give you ways to develop the attention span of your child.

Developing a child’s attention span

They need you

First and foremost – A child need’s his parents to know what is happening in their lives ; to share what matters most to them. It is time we as parents too,  step out of our digital fixation, the social media apps, notifications and smart phones and pay attention to our kids. This is especially true for kids aged 3-5 year old.

Get outdoors

One of the best ways for both you and the child is to step outdoors and indulge in real playtime. Play a sport like basketball, tennis, skating anything that is of interest to your child. Once the kids get their playtime well, they would be willing to pay attention towards studies too.

Encourage learning the fun way

Encourage your kids to have fun with learning. For instance, get them a white board at home and let them role play as a teacher and write the alphabets, numbers etc. Get them play dough and help them get creative , make alphabets with them.. This will not only help increase their attention span, but also develop their creativity and fine motor skills.My City Woman's blog on how-to-improve-your-childs-attention-span

Choose indoor games smartly

Another efficient way to improving your child’s attention span is to choose indoor games like board games, carom boards, snakes and ladders and even jigsaw puzzles. How does that help Well it not only makes your child sit up and pay attention, it also teaches kids to sit at one place for a longer duration. For someone who has issues with sitting in the class for the whole duration, this one will certainly help.

Encourage art and craft activity at home

Origami, making paper boats, making flowers out of paper at easy and creative ways of making your child sit up and concentrate. There can be many more such craft kits available at shops near you that can help your child started with it.

Be patient

Lastly, learn to be patient with the child. Positive results will only show after a sustained effort at your end. Till then, support and cheer your child’s efforts as he tries to work on his skills.

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