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How to find time for yourself from your “busy schedule”

A stay at home mom (SAHM) has innumerable responsibilities to tend to. Her day begins early on and runs until late in the night. If you ask, most women may not be able to do something they really like doing, even if it’s for an hour in the whole week! We at My City Woman! look towards encouraging women to love themselves, de-stress and live a happy life. Finding time for yourself is just a cornerstone to that purpose.

A de-stressed mom is happy, so she can keep her family happy too. No one likes to see a grumpy over-worked woman at home for sure. We give you tried and tested tips on how to organise your schedule so you find that precious time for yourself.

#1 Plan ahead

Find 30 minutes at night to prepare for the morning schedule. If you have to cook lunch, have the vegetables cut the night before and stored in the refrigerator. Clean out your kitchen at night, so you do not spend your time on it in the morning.

#2 Ask kids to help out

Everyone likes to have a responsible and independent kids. Delegate work responsibilities to your kids doable their age. Small activities can eat up your time and you “look busy”. It is time to involve other members of the family in household chores.

Example of work that can be delegated to kids-

In the morning:

Let kids get ready on their own. Help only if you feel it’s getting late for school. Soon the kids will learn and will not require assistance here. TRUST YOUR KIDS.

In the evening:

Schedule their timetable-every evening 6 o’clock is home assignment time. They need to get to it and complete it to get play time or television time.

At night:

Getting them to put out their school uniform every night before going to bed.

Keeping the toys away and Getting the bed ready.

Letting them find their own clothes to change at night and go to bed.

#3 Organise your days activities

Bucket your day’s activities in “CAN be done with kids around” and “Needs concentration, CANNOT be done with kids around”. For an example -loading the washing machine, you may do it even when kids are back from school and are playing around. Unloading the dishwasher, little older kids can even help you with that. The idea is to use the time when your kids are away at school for yourself.

Use the quiet time at home to indulge in doing what you like to do – reading, painting, sketching, yoga, anything that makes you feel alive. It is this time that you can also start a small home run business. There are innumerable opportunities just waiting for you to open the door and see for yourself. Small changes in lifestyle and schedule can relieve you of responsibilities that may not be even yours to own up.


Learn to make peace with imperfect looking house – it may not be as clean to your liking. Let it be. Eventually you will get to it.

Make YOU your PRIORITY. Unless you start the love affair with yourself, you will always be attending to others and be left with no time.

DO NOT feel guilty for spending time with yourself. As a human being, everyone is entitled to “me-time”. Consider it as an investment towards a healthier you.


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