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How To Feel Happy Even When You Are Stressed!

Sounds like ironical goals to be achieved at the same time – How can one be happy when one is stressed, depressed and overall in an anxious state of mind. Truth is, in today’s lifestyle, we experience stress and depression of varying kinds at all times. No matter in what phase of life we are in, there is pressure on each one of us to outperform others, to prove ourselves better and once we have – to stay in that space. We feel inadequate in terms of our looks, weight My City Woman's blog on How To Feel Happy Even When You Are Stressed-smile oftenand anything at all relating to our appearance. Our minds are full of thoughts, ideas and perceptions of things and people around us.

Being happy from within Internally and from within our soul is an art. One needs to master it. Once you have achieved it, you will

  • Experience inner peace
  • sense of adequacy
  • Lesser self conflict
  • A More meaningful life
  • A happier you!

20 Ways To Feel Happy On A Daily Basis

Follow some of these principles on a daily basis to experience a happier and a unstressed you! Some of these when followed regularly are powerful enough to transform your life and even improve the life of those around you.

#1 Smile oftenMy City Woman's blog on How To Feel Happy Even When You Are Stressed-express gratitud

#2 Call up a long lost good friend

#3 Count your blessings

#4 Pursue that hobby you really love (like playing a musical instrument, painting)

#5 Write down your bucket list of things you want to do before you die. Then go after fulfilling them.

#6 Express gratitude to the Almighty for this beautiful life.

#7 Exercise every day. Exercising releases a feel good hormone that can lift your mood up instantly.

#8 Eliminate negative “friends” from your life. Avoid people who pull you down.

#9 Surround yourself with positive people. Stay more in the company of people that make you happy.

#10 De-clutter the space around you

#11 Do good for the needy.

#12 Spend time with yourself.

#13 Challenge yourself – Something that you wanted to do but you have been avoiding it for fear of failure.

#14 Try digital detox for a day and see how it feels. That’s right, no smart phone, tablet or computer for a day.

#15 Catch up on sleep – Depriving yourself of sleep can really pull you down and prevent you from living a more fulfilling life.

#16 Train your mind to think of the present moment. Refrain from always thinking about future situations.

#17 Travel. Even a small trip can ease you out of daily rut, beat the monotony and make you feel happier.

#18 Read a book you love.

#19 Watch a movie you have been putting off for a long time.

#20 Do something you loved doing as a child. Like playing a board game, fishing, anything at all.


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