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How To Decide Upon A Business Idea

Enterprise is a spirit. If there is something – a product, a service or a voice that people would be willing to pay for, then there is a business opportunity waiting to be explored. This nowhere means that it has to be a completely new idea, product or service. If you have a USP(Unique Selling Proposition), like best quality, best cost, best delivery time, most creative, ability to customize, then you have that “it” idea you have been waiting for. Its simple, really! Or is it?

Unfortunately, in reality, people spend their lifetimes waiting for the perfect bingo moment. This becomes even more of a necessity I’d say, if you are a  woman who has had to give up on a career due to familial reasons. Believe me its a worldwide phenomena- where woman have to compromise on their career to step in as caregiver to the family- care for the ailing or elderly family members, or caring for young kids.

Entrepreneurship does not become a option in that case. It’s something every woman who has been through this phase must explore. We have all the capabilities in us to go out there and re-earn our financial freedom and regain that emotional sense of self worth.

So what are we waiting for. Go ahead and explore! There are several stories of women entrepreneurs to take inspiration from.

How To Decide Upon A Business Idea

This one is critical. One has to take an “inside-out” approach. Meaning- the thought needs to originate from your soul. Sounds spiritual, huh? Maybe it is. It does has its share of soul- searching. And it starts with one simple question-

What do you enjoy doing the most? Or What are you good at?

Why , I promised it’s just one question you need to answer and here are two?

Well, the catch is, either you have a inherent skill in you or an acquired expertiseThat’s your calling. Unless you enjoy it, it would be difficult to sustain it. The energy has to be infectious. When you reach out to people, they must think you really have something awesome they haven’t had the chance to try before. This energy inevitably shows in the  quality of work. The word of mouth publicity means that you have more enquiries and prospective business at hand. That’s the way to go! We researched a small list of businesses that women today are actively pursuing and leading a very lucrative and satisfying profession. These can be pursued from home and require little outdoor effort.

Read here to explore ideas suitable for women entrepreneurs and even Stay at Home Moms.

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