How to Calculate your BMI

How To Calculate Your BMI forex trading simulator Body Mass Index is an indicator of body fatness. We tell you how to calculate body mass index (also called as Body Weight Index) before you even obsess over losing weight. It is calculated based on your weight and height. If your  height is 5’3″ and weight is 125 lbs. ( 1 kg is 2.20462 lbs)

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Step 1 Multiply your  weight in pounds by 0.45

source url 125 X 0.45 = 56.25 kgs

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Step 2 Multiply the height in inches by 0.025 (1 foot is 12 inches)

follow 63 X 0.025 = 1.575 m

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Step 3 Square the answer from step 2

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Step 4 Divide answer from step 1by step 3

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A BMI of:

  • 19 or less is underweight

  • go site 19 -25 is ideal weight

  • 25-30 is overweight

  • 30 or higher is obese

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