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How To Build Your Child’s Immunity

Falling sick is a process by which our body develops its immune system. A natural process will take its course but as parents we can do a lot to boost the immunity of our kids and help them fight germs and viruses with ease. Here is how to keep that nagging cold, tummy aches and frequent fever at bay.

#1 A healthy diet

As a family, have a healthy diet. Include dal, rice, pulses, seasonal vegetables, nuts, eggs and fruits.

The Do’s here are:

  • Eat fresh
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid canned juices and veggies
  • Totally avoid food that contain additives and preservatives

Most of the food allergies are caused due to artificial colourants, preservatives and additives that go on to harm the body in long term. It is time to build healthy eating habits for ourselves and our kids.


#2 Probiotics to the rescue!

Probiotics help fight gastrointestinal infections  as them come loaded with good bacteria. Include curd in your child’s daily diet to help them build a strong tummy. You can try the plain curd, flavour them with fresh fruits, make raita, buttermilk or even lassi out of it – just go with whatever your child enjoys.


#3 All play makes Jack a strong boy!

Having a regular physical activity in your child’s daily routine can help a lot in keeping infections at bay. Encourage your child to play outdoors. Whenever you can, go out and play tennis or cricket with them. Swimming and cycling are other great options. These days many residential societies also have martial arts classes like Judo, kickboxing, zumba for kids and much more – explore the options with your kids and definitely involve them in your decisions.


#4 Define rest time

Some kids like to nap in the afternoon post school, some may not. Whatever your child prefers, ensure that you give them adequate rest and help them relax. Kids need more sleep time compared to adults. A good 10 to 12 hours of sleep is what they really require. A good way to do this is to define their sleep time at night.


#5 Depend less on antibiotics and external medicines

Although we as parents have all the right intentions when we give medicines to our kids, we may actually be weakening their immunity in the process. With every dose of antibiotics, the good bacteria along with the bad ones are killed. This reduces their natural immunity and hence your child may fall sick more often. Refrain from giving antibiotics until absolutely needed. Use natural foods that will help the body cure common ailments like flu and cold.


#6 Reduce their stress

Like us, kids too have their own pressure areas – their school, peers, teachers and we as parents constantly pressurize them for things we want to get done out of them. Remember that they are kids too and they too need their own space. Let them fool around and enjoy their childhood. Support them in their happiness – tell them you love them every day. All of these little gestures go a long way in creating a happy environment around them. A happy child is a stronger child.


#7 Hygiene train your kids

Teach your kids the utility of cleanliness. This would go a long way in helping reduce the spread of germs and them catching any infection fast. Washing hands before and after every meal, wearing clean clothes and other such basic hygiene habits will help in reducing the nagging threat of everyday germs.



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