My City Woman's tips to beat monsoon blues

How To Beat The Monotony Of Rainy Season

Long after the romance of the rainy season has ceased,  one can really long for a little sunshine. Overcast grey skies, damp weather, itchy throat, the prolonged rainy season can do enough to pull you down. A stay at home mom cannot escape it anyways. Don’t let it dampen your spirit though! Here is how to beat the monotony of rainy season.

My City Woman's blog on how to beat gloomy weatherWear bright clothes

Colours can uplift your mood like nothing else. Wear bright colours or floral hues to break the monotony of grey skies outside. Put on that red lipstick – Yes, you can go ahead and put on some bright make up too!

Use aromatic candles

The dampness in the air can make one feel heavy. Use your favourite aromatic candle to get some fresh smell into your home.

Dry  clothes intelligentlyMy City Woman's tips to beat gloomy weather

If you do not have the luxury of a dryer at home, this can be a real challenge. Dry clothes on your clothes stand under the fan at night. If you have spare space in your house, move all of the drying clothes to that area so you may not have clothes all over the apartment.

My City Woman's ideas to uplift your mood during rainy seasonPut on some happy music

Music too can help uplift the energy to a great extent. Put on some happy songs to feel great and go about your chores with a smile.

Call mommies or friends home for a impromptu house party

Incessant rains mean that kids cannot go out to play. Neither can you! One of the ways to deal with it is to get other mommies home. Have a play session for about an hour or so. This way you also get time to meet others and kids have a great time too.

Remember, feeling dull because of weather is all in the mind. If you make an attempt to do all things that make you happy, come rain or sunshine, you would always shine bright!

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