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How To Attract Positive Energy In Your Home

Home is where we live, eat and breathe. We all want to be stress free, happy and progress ahead in our lives. But sometimes, we feel “stuck” –  as if nothing is moving forward in life. You do not feel happy when you get back from work. The overall feeling is just not “positive”. Ever felt this way?

We bring you basic things to do to help bring  positive energy into your home and welcome prosperity, good luck and peace with open arms in your lives.

How to bring in positive energy in your home?

#1 Ventilate your house

Do not keep windows shut all the time. Morning air is the freshest. Open your windows and let in  some fresh air into your house. This will help in moving out stale and negative energy from your home.

#2 De-clutter

Messy wardrobes and unnecessary piled on stuff can really make you stagnate in life too. Fresh ideas and opportunities will not come by easily. Even the clarity of thinking will me missing in your mind. Give away things you do not use. Donate to the needy. Go out of your way and eliminate what you have not even looked at in the last one year. Do not hang on to broken showpieces, utensils or furniture – get them fixed or replaced or removed totally.

#3 Negative Memories

Is there anything in your house that brings back unpleasant memories – A picture, a gift by someone you are not fond of or anything that doesn’t bring a smile on your face. Remove those from your house. Discard clothes that you totally regret buying.

#4 Play some soothing music

Soft music can really raise the positive energy in your home. Get to play it in the background and see how it uplifts your own energy and brings in happy vibes in your house too.

#5 Get your house art friendly

Art that resonates with you and makes you happy is the one for you. Anything that makes you uncomfortable or confused or that makes your mind go “fuzzy” – time to do away with those.

#6 Pay attention to the lighting of the house

Light plays a vital role in affecting our moods. Dull lighting can make you feel depressed and sluggish.

Replace the ones that have gone bad. It should not be too dim or too bright in the house too. Natural light is the best source of light. Move away the curtains to let in some sunshine at least for sometime during the day. Always put on the light in the evenings to lift up the energy of your home.

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