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Having A Second Child – 9 Untold Truths

Having the second child thoughts are often marred by apprehensions. Several  questions race through your mind – Is it the right decision? How would I manage my career alongside two kids? How would my first child adjust to the sibling? How taxing financially would that be?

All of these are valid questions, and so are your fears. Let truth be told and here it is:

1. First child needs to be mentally prepared for the sibling –

“Sudden” sharing of parents, things around the house, home itself may make your first child insecure. Of course over time they do come around and adjust to the new member of the family. However, you may need to prepare your child mentally to be able to take it well.

2. A different pregnancy experience –

Not necessarily, all that you experienced during your first pregnancy will come around again.  Remember that each pregnancy is different and special in its own way. For instance, if you had lot of nausea the first time around, you may not experience it as intensely the second time.

3. Breast feeding the first child –

If you are still feeding the first one, expect that the quantity of milk to drop and the taste of the milk too may change. Hence, most babies wean off on their own during this time.

4. TLC for two kids-

As a mother you may have those apprehensions if and how you are going to divide the attention and love between two kids. If it makes you feel better, you would manage just fine. You would love both of them equally for they are each special in their own way.

5. Care for two kids:

After the second child is born, you would need to take extra care of the little one. The immunity of the new born is very low and you would have a tough time protecting the small baby.

To explain, if your elder child has flu, the chance that the new born may catch it is high.

6. Hygiene –

While the first one had utmost cleanliness around , expect a drop in the standard. With a small one around already, keeping the house clean or maintaining hygiene around the new born may be challenging. To explain, your elder child is back from the garden, and runs to hug the small one without washing his hands.

7. Sibling love –

The camaradie between your children will grow and become more evident once your new born approaches his first birthday. By that time, the younger one would be able to walk around in the house, hug his elder brother/sister and maybe call him/her out.  They would be able to play together more as the younger one grows up slightly.

8. A House full of toys! –

If you thought you had enough toys in the house , you may have to rethink. That is soon going to get multiplied. You would also find that the older child no longer wants toys appropriate to his age. Rather he is more interested in the new born’s toys! And vice versa! 


9. Refereeing between the two kids –

“With one child you become a parent, with two- a referee!” This is so true – you would always find yourself saving the fight between the two kids. It is an exasperating and a frustrating phase to be in as a parent.

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