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Have a Hobbyful Life!

We always tend to perceive hobbies as something that’s secondary in life. Most of us think that the daily routine needs to be attended first and hobby is “optional”. We can look at it , if we have some time for it. We can be in fact no further from the truth in reality. Here’s why I say so:

Reduces stress :

Stress is the biggest bane of today’s urban life. Life is complicated and we all feel the pressure  on us. Various studies in clinical psychology have confirmed that spending time in creative activities helps  stimulate the “feel good” area of the brain and makes you feel happy.

Helps in brain development:

Learning a new skill will challenge you. This keeps the brain active and life interesting. It may seem daunting at first, but persistence will see you through. At the end of it, you would have a satisfaction of learning a skill that always intrigued you.

Improves social network :

You would improve your social circle and meet new people who have same interests as you. We do not tend to go out of our way to socialise. People increasingly spend time in front of the television in their free time. Imagine how much fun you may be missing!

Improves family bonding :

Imagine a hobby that you can enjoy as a family. Does it exist? yes it definitely does! The spectrum is wide- from swimming to photography , music to painting you can choose according to your personality. The younger members of the family would also take clue and follow suit. This would not only foster greater bonding between the family members but also uplift your energies.

Builds confidence :

Accomplishing a task that you didn’t think you stand much of chance, can boost your confidence wonderfully. It’s a precious feeling to have – feel good about yourself and have a higher self esteem.

Can be a second career :

Oh! how you wish it were true! Nothing can be more rewarding than doing for a living, what you love doing with all your heart. For your hobby to blossom into a full blown career, you need to consider various commercial aspects and do appropriate market research, but yes, it does open up that avenue for you in some way.

Breaks the daily rut of things around you :

Life sometimes can be very mundane. Those who have to go through the ordeal would readily agree. Whether  it was out of a choice or not, the daily rut of things can pull down your spirits.


Having a hobby will make life interesting. It has benefits and more! Whatever we do, we inspire our next generation to learn from us and follow our footsteps. Find that one hour out of 168 in a whole week, find that one activity that makes you super happy and give your grey cells some exercise.

Go on… get a life…get a hobby!

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