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Hang On To That “Girl” Within!

In the Indian society, a girl is conditioned  to marry. “Marry now or else you will not find a match! This is the “right age”. Truly once a girl gets married, the life takes a 360 degrees view. People around her change, so does the expectations associated with her. In a few years time, that girl is no longer a girl, she is a woman- responsible for the family, household and her children.  This story is true for most of us women. We tell you why it is important  to be yourself and how to stay grounded to your reality.

3 Reasons why you should hold on to “that girl” you were and still are deep within!

#1 Sets You Free!

Free-spirited individuals are happy and more connected to oneself.


#2 Get more real

You get true to yourself and do not put on a pretentious living. Life is strange and sometimes  makes us “cosmetic” in our approach to people and things around us. Do we not often wonder how good life would be if people were simple and life – easy to live. Being connected to your inner soul makes you feel more real.


#3 Uncluttered Thinking

You lose that mental baggage and stop going into that “twisted mindset” mode – like “maybe that person meant something else and said it this way.” This is a negative cycle of thought  that saps up our energy from within. Once you are yourself, you feel good about yourself . This feeling permeates into your life and of those around you.


4 Ways to get more connected with yourself

#1 Find some “me” time

No matter how busy you are, schedule a time for yourself, get selfish and stick on to it! Possibly, family members would take a while to adjust to it. Once you put your foot down, and start getting that time for yourself, you would see yourself more real and relaxed and happy.

Use this time for doing something you love doing but never find time in your ordinary schedule. For instance, join a classical singing class, play a musical instrument you were once fond of.


#2 Meditate

Meditation is very powerful. Simple breathing exercises can help you rejuvenate and ease out stress. Many positive thoughts come into your mind and you consciously let go of negativity piling on within yourself.


#3 Connect with your childhood friends

Talking to childhood friends can be very therapeutic. They somehow know the real you and connect to you like the way  even parents can’t. Go find them and talk to them regularly. Stay in touch with them.


#4 Re-learn to give

Give to the needy, distribute food to poor, give blankets in the winter season. Giving is gratifying and helps you stay grounded, value things and teach your kids too the value of charity. Give without expecting anything in return. After all, some things are priceless in life.

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