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Well, the there is never a wrong time to do the right thing in life. In today’s generation where everything happens at the speed of internet, people around us seem restless and time sensitive. We often hear a 18 year old say – “If I do not get through this exam, I am done!”

Life is too short they say. But life is long enough to give you time to make amends and follow what your true passion is. Truth is, as adults we begin to doubt our own abilities and the “perceived perception” of people around us. We think “My friends  would think I have lost it at this age!” In reality, people really do not care! Read on for some great motivation on starting on your passion, age notwithstanding.

Famous and Successful Late Bloomers In Life

Julia Child – The legendary French cook knew no cooking until she was 40.

JK Rowling – Was a school teacher until 23

Rocky Marciano – The undefeated boxer never boxed until he was 20

Christina Hendricks – After being rejected in innumerable auditions, she became a household name in the television series Mad Men at the age of 39.

Cato – The great Roman statesman, began studying Greek at the age of 80. He said “This is the youngest age I have left.”

Follow your instincts

Life does give you second chances. Follow your gut sense when you are charting out on un-treaded territory. Read about others who have been there. Arm yourself with information available on the internet. Talk to associated people if you can. Follow the manta – Start small. Stay steady.

Age is just a number

Do what you truly love. Look out for stories of real ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats much later in their lives.

You live only once (YOLO)

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Recognise opportunities.

Believe in Yourself

Take one step at a time. No matter where you start, do not regard your efforts as insignificant. Stay with your efforts and keep yourself motivated at all times. NEVER,NEVER,NEVER give up on your dreams.

Learn to adapt

You may not follow the path you had imagined although you may love the journey too. Do not let your mindset come in your way. Embrace the opportunity life is presenting in its own way and keep moving ahead. Be ready to change and adapt yourself with situations.

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