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Freezing Your Eggs May Not Be A Bad Idea

Can you guess what’s common between Kim Kardashian, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson and Sofia Vergara?

Yes, they all had their eggs frozen at one point in time.

Do you know that Facebook and Apple are now paying for their female employees to freeze eggs?

Its time women wake up and take notice that egg freezing is a viable option available. Lets dig deeper.

Who Can freeze eggs?

Women in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s – this is the most ideal age to have their eggs frozen. The bottom line is –  the lesser the age, the better the quality and quantity of eggs.

Why freeze eggs?


Ease the pressure:

Do you feel the “clock ticking ” on you, like this is the best time biologically for motherhood. Egg freezing is the solution for it. It just takes the pressure off you so you can use it when you are prepared and think its the correct time.

Wait for the correct time:

Women should not see themselves as just a “child bearing device”. They have greater purpose in life and are entitled to have all the aspirations that a man can have and more! Having said that, if there is a technology available to us to make it feasible, might as well consider it an option.

Avoid late pregnancy fertility woes:

While at the age of 30, a woman’s chance of conceiving naturally is 20%, it drops drastically to 5% at the age of 40. With age, the egg count reduces, hence the challenge of conceiving naturally with age arises.

No regrets later:

You may think today that childbearing is not for you and you may not be able to handle the responsibility of raising a small child. Later on in life in your 40’s, if you change your mind at all, you would not have to feel like you have missed the bus. With you eggs frozen, you would still have access to quality eggs, if you want to use it. It creates an option for you.

Consider the pros and cons:


Its painless.

It does not impact your child bearing ability the natural way.

You can get access to you high quality eggs when you want to later on in life.


Its expensive.

Its not a  guarantee that you would be able to conceive in your late 40’s when you want to. With frozen eggs, late pregnancy issues may still arise.

We can always debate whether women should freeze their eggs or not. It is an option, a viable one in today’s world. You are free to consider the advantages and disadvantages and decide what works well for you as a woman. Do not listen to the voice that says “You are a woman, how can you say no to motherhood? Shame!” Listen to your inner voice that says ” I am nearing the peak of my career and want to start the family when I am prepared, mentally and financially for it.  I may consider egg freezing.”

It’s about a choice we as women can exercise. It should be our decision. The ancient societal norms would always dissuade. It’s time to be more aware and act like a woman in control of her life.

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