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Feeling Disengaged With Life?

Life plays truant all the time, when you think you are on top of your game, here’s what you begin to feel-

I cannot relate to this anymore.

I cannot do this anymore.

This is absolutely pointless!

This makes no sense at all !!

There is in fact a multitude of feelings that just build up inside of one’s mind to spout some of these typical expressions noted above. Some call it a “burn-out”, some even have come up with a term called mid- life “brain fog”. People most likely to feel this way are ironically ones who love their job, are on it every waking moment of their lives and have worked really hard to reach a particular stage of their life.

Why do we feel disengaged?

 #1 Sedentary lifestyle

One of the most common cause of feeling disengaged with your environment and life at large can be attributed to today’s lifestyle. People do not have defined time to sleep, eat well, work or excercise. It is easy to become a nervous wreck than we ever imagine ourselves to be.

#2 Mechanical existence

Fewer people pray these days or even meditate. Spiritual disconnect with oneself – with who we really are can manifest itself in unexpected ways. Life can slowly start to look like a blur and totally pointless.


#3 Lack of human connect

Know thy neighbour? How many of us really know people around us? Urban living is like living in a mental island- you pretend to be too busy to noctice anyone around you. As a social being, having a mental connect with people around is like how fish takes to water.


#4 Mighty ego

“Only I can do this!”

“I am the best”

“No one can do it better than me!”

Experts believe that self affirmations like these can take a toll on you and eventually disenchant you with the world around you. Being more accepting of others strengths as well as weaknesses can help a great deal. It is possible to look at alternatives,  or even share your knowledge with others.

How you can help yourself?

  • Find time to invest in your body- exercise.
  • Eat nutritious food. Eat timely.
  • Give your body adequate rest – sleep well.
  • Do something you really enjoy – play a banjo, sing, dance, paint!
  • Focus on your breathing. Slow down when you know its overwhelming you.
  • Avoid multitasking – Juggling multiple activities together can drain you eventually. Define a schedule that works for you where you can focus on one activity at one point of time.
  • Stay connect with people around you in “real” sense – neighbours, friends and family. Facebook and twitter tagging does not qualify here.




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