My City Woman's tips to change gender stereotypes

Empower Your Son With These Life Skills!

When it comes to growing up your kids, many mothers focus of getting their daughter to learn skills that are primarily I would call – “life skills”. The boys are “let off” and in effect spend their lifetimes depending on mothers, sisters and later on wives to do this bit for them. This has to change. It promotes gender stereotypes, gender bias and multiplies a woman’s woes for a lifetime. Imagine cooking for your husband after spending a 12 hour schedule at home because he doesn’t know how to help in the kitchen,leave alone cook!

Let’s look at some of these skills:

LIFE SKILL #1 Load the washing machine and dishwasher

In the name of God! it is the most simplistic of things but men do not “know” how to do it!!! Teach your sons too how to operate the simple machine.

My City Woman's blog on how to change gender stereotypes

Life skill #2 Sew the button

Let the old Hindi movie scene where the wife sews the button on her man’s hairy chest be gone forever!  Teach your sons to sew that small button and help him for a lifetime. I have known boys simply saying “I don’t know how to do it!”

My City Woman's tips to promote gender equality


Life skill#3 Do basic cooking

When you start with your teenage daughters to teach how to cook the basic dal, rice and chapattis, involve your son too. Years later, he will thank you everyday when living on his own in a far away city.

My City Woman's tips for gender neutral parenting

Life skill#4 Know the vegetables and pulses

Get your sons familiar with the kitchen ingredients and vegetables. Most boys that I know of, do not know how to distinguish between a bottle guard and snake gourd.

 My City Woman's blog on gender neutral parenting


 Life skill#5 Take care of themselves

You do not have to pitch in and DO it all for them. Allow your sons the privilege of doing their own things. It’s for their good. Let them fold their own clothes, keep their own books, set their own alarm and walk on time in the morning and walk up to the fridge to eat then they are hungry. DO NOT make everything available to them even without their asking!

My City Woman's tips to raise independent kids

Life skill#6 Take their own decisions

Let your sons and daughters take their own everyday decisions – this includes lunch menu, clothes (yes colour of clothes too!) , which classes to join, when to study, choose a place to go on that Saturday night with you and so on. Make kids independent.

My City Woman's blog on how to promote gender equality



Only when mothers stop distinguishing between raising their sons and daughters differently will the society and the next generation will see its impact. It’s about changing one family at a time.



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