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Don’t Let Arguments Ruin Your Marriage

Chronic arguments can easily prove fatal to your marriage. The bitterness can sap your relationship of its romance and love. It can stifle the life out of  it and very soon both the partners may start to look elsewhere to “relax” and be themselves.  We tell you how not to let arguments ruin your marriage:

#1 Overlook trivialities

Every person has some quirkiness in them. You too have it! Reading till late into the night, not putting dirty laundry in the bag, littering in the house, not putting the toilet seat up/down after use, there could be innumerable causes of conflict with your partner when living in together. Its best to work around them or talk openly than to just resent it and argue everyday. After all, the relationship is dearer to you right?

#2 Calm down before your decide to burst out

Give yourself time to calm down before you decide to snap back at your partner. Just go for a walk if you have to instead of apologising what you shouldn’t have said in the first place

#3 Don’t create a pressure cooker in your head

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Chronic arguments can kill your marriage

If you don’t like it, say it . And say it nicely. Do not hold the grudge inside of you. It can come off in a way which would be beyond your control . Such outbursts can lead to you shouting at your partner which may prove fatal in the long run.

#4 Keep the sarcasm at bay

Sarcastic comments are like poisonous arrows. They can really pierce through the heart. “You must be the most dedicated guy in your office, you only have time for your work!” can really be bothersome for someone already struggling with extra workload.

#5 It doesn’t matter who started it first!

We are not kindergarten students to give such excuses for an argument. It doesn’t matter who ever started it first. But ensure that you do not shout back. Let the tension ease out. You would have time for a constructive talk later.

#6 Avoid character assassination of your partner

If your partner forgets to do a specific thing every day, focus on that thing. Do not criticise the person as a whole. For instance, if your partner forgets to keep the garbage outside in the morning, mention that instance instead of saying ” You really have an old man’s memory. You are always forgetful and never remember anything properly!”  Attacking a person this way is a tad unfair, don’t you think?

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