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Do You Really Need What You Buy

Are you a shopaholic? Do you think you are helping the economy by being a consumer?! No matter how much you justify yourself, deep down inside, the aftermath of your shopping spree does not leave a good after taste. Once the euphoria of buying new things that you think you love… shoes, bags, dresses, accessories, make up has settled in, what are you left with really?


The “aftershock” of shopping

My City Woman's tips to control your shopping impulse
Impulsive shopping can get you more stressed

#1 An empty bank balance

Yeah, you just splurged, what more do you expect!


#2 Where will I wear this to?

Now you begin to wonder where can you can wear your neon coloured pumps you just picked up at Steve Madden.


#3 No space in the wardrobe

Shopping regularly and impulsively may leave you with lesser space in your wardrobe. You add on to more “clutter” as you go on adding things to it.


#4 Still have nothing to wear

A result of the cluttered closet, you will never find anything “good” to wear still.


#4 Higher guilt

Post shopping you may be left with a lower self esteem and a huge mountain of guilt of having splurged way beyond your budget.


Um.. not good. If you really think you need to do something to help yourself out, read on.

So what do you do to ensure you do not give in to your frequent buying instincts?


How To Control Your Shopping ImpulseMy City Woman's tips to buy only what you need

#1 Organise your wardrobe

You may actually have everything you need. Organise your closet so you know where to find what you are looking for. Take that “hard” decision to part with clothes and accessories you may have never worn in the last few years. Create space. You will feel lighter for a start.


#2 Make a list

Every time you think you need to shop, make a list of things you want.  Look again in your closet to check if you already have it! Go by your list if you have to shop.


#3 Beware of online shopping!

You may consider removing apps on your smart phone that beg you to shop their latest collection. If not,  just disable the push notifications that keep announcing the greatest deal in town.


#4 Learn to master minimalism

Update yourself on resources that tell you how to get most out of your style quotient with a minimalistic look. You will feel smarter, more in control of your look and stylish all at the same time without spending and shopping again.


#5 Accept yourself

Self acceptance is the first way to tackling your impulsive shopping issue.  Realise that people who like you will do even if you are not wearing the most in-thing in fashion.  It is more important to appear well groomed and well styled than well shopped!


#6 Sale shopping a cheaper bet

I know there is a deeper karmic connection between women and the word “SALE”!!  The enticing sale may not be as cheap if you look closely. The quality of the stock may not be as great. Shop if you really need to, else stay away from the malls and your favourite shopping haunts.

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