My City Woman's blog on -what-is-your-calling

What’s Your Calling?

This blog will inspire you, push you and urge you to follow what your true calling is.

My City Woman's blog on The Power of Self Belief

The Power of Self Belief

Redefining you beliefs and perceptions about yourself can help you reach your true potential and make you a winner in whatever you choose to do in life. Find out how!

My City Woman's blog on love what you do like JK Rowling

Get The Life You Want

Well, the there is never a wrong time to do the right thing in life. In today’s generation where everything happens at the speed of internet, people around us seem restless and time sensitive. We often hear a 18 year old say – “If I do not get through this exam, I am done!” Life […]

My City Woman's blog on why should you network

The Power Of Successful Networking

This blog addresses queries about what is business networking, why should you network and also offers tips for successful networking.

My City Woman's blog on how to deal with imposter syndrome

Do You Think You Deserve Success?

We tell you how to overcome the feeling that you are an impostor, a fraud waiting to be discovered, that you do not belong to the success you have got for yourself.

My City Woman's tips to increase customer base

4 Ways To Reach Newer Customers

Propel your business towards growth and reach out for new customers. We get you smart ways to improve your customer reach and bag new deals. Read here how!

My City Woman's blog on how to make your business unique

What Makes Your Business Unique

To achieve success every business must have unique selling proposition. Let us help you figure out what makes your business unique.

My City Woman's blog on how to bridge the confidence gap

Believe in yourself – Overcoming The Confidence Gap

Researchers have shown that women in general feel less secure and confident than men. It is particularly disturbing because self confidence is the first step to being successful. Be it taking on leadership position in an organisation or pitching ahead for a project, self belief can be a game changer. How can women plug in this “confidence gap”? We get you the success mantra to a new confident you. Read on for more…

My City Woman's blog on 10 most annoying business jargons of corporate world

10 Most Annoying Business Jargons

Corporate world can be a strange place to be in sometimes. Bosses even peers at times use pointless jargons. We de-code these business jargons for you.

My City Woman's lists of mistakes that start-ups tend to make

10 Deadly Start-Up Mistakes To Avoid!

Ask any entrepreneur and they can share various mistakes that they have made while starting a business. We bring you a list of such start-up mistakes.

My City Woman's blog on how to decide upon a business idea for women

How To Decide Upon A Business Idea

In reality, people spend their lifetimes waiting for the perfect bingo moment. Read Here to how to choose that perfect business that’s just right for you…

My City Woman's blog on how to develop time management skills

8 Time Management Ideas That Really Work!

We bring to you 8 ideas to hone your time management skills. Along with other time management ideas, we have also discussed the importance of prioritising tasks.