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Businesses You Can Start From Home With Zero Investment

If you are a stay at home mom (SAHM) and wondering what you could probably start from the comfort of your home without heavy investment capital, you have come to the right place. We’ll tell you the businesses that you can start-up from home with Zero capital, yes, no capital at all!

1. Cooking and cookery classes

Every household, big or small is equipped with a basic kitchen set up. If you are good at cooking and enjoy it too, consider cooking for people in your local area. You can also take up special cooking classes. Create a theme like- “simple cooking for bachelors”, “Cooking easy desserts”, “zero oil cooking” to get more attention from your potential customers.

2. Graphic and logo designing

A lot of small and big ventures need graphic designers who can customise as per need and are affordable too. If you are good with designing, you could also take up a small time course to learn the basic software and get started. Freelance work is easy to manage from home and brings in good money too.

3. Painting Projects

If you are good at painting, consider taking up a painting project at home. You could tie-up with an interior decorator to create paintings depending upon their requirements. You could also set up a profile on ETSY and sell your work online.

4. Teach

Teaching in your area of skill, experience or education is a good option to start on your own.  It could be elementary maths, English or science subjects, painting, basically anything you are good at.

5. Blog

Yes, you can write blogs in your free time. Contribute to site that ask for it and are willing to pay as well. Start small and gradually you can build up your own repertoire of work. The pay may not be too much initially but once you start networking and reaching out to website with your work, you will have enough in your kitty.

6. Reading and Storytelling

Are you good with kids? And do you enjoy storytelling? Consider taking it up as a profession. Initially you may not make too much money, but you can build it up once you have good review from people. The concept is catching up and libraries and kindergarten schools often look for professional storytellers.

7. Insurance agent

A life insurance adviser is also a lucrative profession. If you are good at networking, meeting people and communicating with them, this one may be the right avenue for you. You can consider taking up an insurance agency.


8. Home baker/chocolatier

If you enjoy baking or making chocolates, this is a very satisfying profession and lucrative too! Though it can get very demanding, you can easily manage from home and work around your schedule.


This write up wants to encourage you to consider starting up on your own. Big or small, the satisfaction of doing something on your own is beyond what money can buy. One avenue may lead to other and you might find yourself a perfect fit profession for yourself. Give it a try!

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