Yuti Shah- Fashion Designer

My City Woman-Yuti-shah-Fashion designer
Yuti Shah – Fashion Designer

About Yuti Shah

Yuti is a self-taught fashion designer. She has worked with single-minded focus and oodles of hard work to make ‘Yuti Shah Designs’ a successful fashion label to recon with. From formal to casual to bridal, she caters to all segments for the woman of today. Entrepreneurship truly  isn’t about age, training or education. It is solely about passion, self motivation and loads of hard work. Yuti Shah’s entrepreneurial success story is a personification of this spirit. Read more about this super- inspiring persona.

Tell us something about yourselfMy City Woman-yuti-swarovski collection

I am a Fashion Entrepreneur. At a the age of 18, there was a deep urge to be independent. I had seen my parents put in their heart and soul to give me the life of comfort. While is college, I took up a job with SOTC, a travel company, as it seemed to be subject of interest then. After working with them for a year, I realised that my age and education did not permit any relevant long term role. I quit to join Jet Airways. As I child, I dreamt of travelling the world. So when I got in Jet Airways, a 19 year old girl in me was more than happy. I stuck around for 2 years , flying day in day and day out. Although it taught me a lot, gave me immense exposure and made me wiser, but what I dreaded was monotony. It was a robotic job. Later, they even offered me to fly international, but I was still not convinced if it was my true calling. I still had to get my graduation degree, hence I decided to give it up to start with something that I was passionate about.

Whilst in college, I designed tops for myself, relatives and friends just for fun. Never gave it a serious thought! I am the one who can never sit idle, so after Jet airways, I sketched a few designs and got it made from a local tailor. Put up an exhibition at home, and it was sold out on the first day itself. I was overwhelmed and thought this is it. Few more exhibitions in and around Mumbai and I had a set of repeated buyers. Precisely one and half years later I managed to set up my own manufacturing unit. I started with casuals and semi-formals and have even moved on to bridals since the last few years.

In between Jet Airways and Yuti Shah Designs, I had a brief stint with Tata Motors – Jaguar/Land Rover. I had to pay off that last instalment on my Insurance policy and all the money I had was put in the business. That was the toughest time, managing a job and business. I gathered the amount in 5 months and quit. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Currently we are a team of 15 and 8 years in the business,  its been a pleasant journey overall.

The best part is that the label is born out of passion and not out of education.

Describe your service model and what makes your designs unique

The best part is that the label is born out of passion and not out of education. When you learn a particular subject, your outlook to a certain aspects is quite restrained. So when I began, my work model was constructed to offer designs that can be easily picked and worn by every women.  We made ready to wear range and customisation was a smaller part. When my brand was known, it was time to reconstruct the old model. We plunged into customisation and a higher range of clothing, customisation being our forte. Getting people to trust you for their formal and bridal wear takes time. As we attained that, we created a premium label – Yuti Shah. Our first company Reiz Designs, still caters to casuals and semi formals.

Talking about designs – My team of designers, follow national and international fashion. We break it down, using our design aesthetics and client understanding. We meticulously blend contemporary and classic aspects, creating timeless designs.

What are some initial hurdles you faced while starting up

My City Woman-wedding-wear-collection-yuti-shah
Wedding wear collection from Yuti Shah Designs

Like any entrepreneur, capital/funds was the biggest issue. Though I had some liquidity, but it wasn’t enough to start out big. We had taken small steps to reach where we are today.

Fashion isn’t a very expensive affair. If you have a few lakhs, you can set up real quick.

Outsourcing the processes was another hurdle. As our production is done by people who aren’t educated or trained, there is high level of unprofessionalism. In this case, attaining fine quality, timely delivery was a challenging task.

What have been your top 5 learning as an entrepreneur

  1. Get into a business you are passionate about.
  2. There is no substitute to hard work.
  3. Don’t be adamant on processes and procedures. Situations arent always the same. Learn to be flexible in the hour need.
  4. To be different in a competitve market, innovation is the only choice.
  5. Irrespective of your start up capital, incurr expenses with utmost care.

Make a goal chart and put in everything you have to achieve it.  Always remember, there is magic in each one of us. Just trust yourself!


What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

We, as women have multiple roles to play.  To justify each of these with perfection is not always possible. Hence, set your priorities right. Like Indra Nooyi said “Your career and biological clock will run in opposite direction, only you can figure out where your want the hands of both the clocks to meet. Once you have figured that out, don’t let anything or anybody stop you. There will be people, situations and society who will create pressure. Learn to turn a deal with it.”

Make a goal chart and put in everything you have to achieve it.  Always remember, there is magic in each one of us. Just trust yourself!

You can reach Yuti on:

Instagram  – @yuti.shah


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