Shwetha Samrat- Freelance Social Media Trainer

My City Woman-Shwetha Samrat Social media trainer
Shwetha Samrat – Social media consultant and trainer

About Shwetha

Shwetha is a new-age social media entrepreneur with innovative ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises in pursuit to create a powerful social media presence. She is a computer science graduate and has 7 years of corporate experience before embarking on the journey as a freelance social media trainer.

Her specialization includes Social Media Management, Social Media Training and Social Media Consultation. She also mentors start-ups and SMEs in managing their brand image on social media through innovative, personalised and practical workshops.


Describe your service model

My City Woman-Shwetha Samrat conducting a corporate workshop
Shwetha conducting a corporate workshop

Shwetha caters to three kinds of social media needs:

Social Media Management – I manage social media accounts for individuals, start-ups and SMEs

Social Media Training – I train individuals, group of 3 or more people, start-ups and SMEs on complete Social Media Solutions.

Consultation– I provide consultation to individuals, start-ups and SMEs to build their brand on social media.


What makes your services unique

What makes my service unique is personalized services. I visit clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business needs and then come up with Social Media Strategy and training /consultation customized to their requirement and business goals.

I excel in providing out of box ideas on social media campaigns. Our campaigns are result oriented and go beyond creating posts and publishing them with colourful creatives.

Our trainings are provided at affordable rates with latest trends and tips that works for any business; compared to Social Media training modules available in market which are exorbitantly priced and the level of information provided by them is also not as in-depth.

Overall our approach is more innovative and practical and it reflects in the confidence our clients have in me.

My City Woman-Shwetha Samrat conducting a corporate workshop
Practical & Innovative approach is the USP of Shwetha’s workshops


What are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up

Understanding our clients’ needs is the toughest challenge I met with initially. I had to understand early on that social media campaigns has to go beyond posting updates and colourful pamphlets. I had to quickly learn on the job to create engaging content that people could relate to and find it interesting at the same time.

My City Woman-Shwetha Samrat Social media consultant


What have been your top 4 learnings as an entrepreneur

#1 Marketing oneself effectively and convincing people in your services.

#2 I also learnt that “network is your net worth”. To excel in this area,, networking truly is the key to success.

#3 Upgrading my knowledge through webinars and training too has helped me keep ahead of competitors. One has to be abreast of latest industry trends and ideas. I learnt how to deliver results by researching on expert blogs and following thought leaders in the industry.

#4 Feedback from clients is critical and help in taking the service content and quality a notch higher on a continuous basis.

Network is your net worth”. To excel in this area,, networking truly is the key to success.


What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

Do not just make some creatives and content to post. That social media marketing does not work anymore. Today, clients ask for solid results. So focus on giving results by doing something innovative. If you make your client succeed you will indeed succeed !!

It takes lot of courage for a woman to be an entrepreneur. Do not sit over your dreams.If you are passionate about something, follow it and have your ideas executed.

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