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About Routes to Escape: Routes to Escape is your very own travel consultant and tour planner. It offers tour plans customised to your needs. Being value for money is at the cornerstone of its philosophy. Founded in 2013, it  has many happy and loyal customers to boast under its belt. Tania DasChowdhury is the woman behind the successful business venture.

Tell us something about Routes 2 Escape

Routes 2 Escape - Founder Tania DasChowdhury
Tania DasChowdhury – Founder of Routes 2 Escape

Routes 2 Escape – as evident from its name, has its prime objective to help one escape from the daily stress and grind of a modern cosmopolitan living. The firm was established, back in June 2013, when I took a tough decision to move out of the comfort zone of a well paid corporate life and follow my passion of travelling.

Travelling and exploring the off-beat locations of the world has always been my passion. I wanted to turn my hobby into my profession. This was the thought behind my brainchild Routes 2 Escape. We laid down the three pronged business philosophy at the very onset: Customer Satisfaction, Customization & Value for Money.

Describe your business model and what makes your business unique

Routes 2 Escape, works primarily on a B2C (business to customer) platform, by coordinating with direct vendors in core locations and getting a well-coordinated personalised service to the customer.

At R2E, we don’t have any standard packages, as we believe in the fact every individual will have different travel habits. Hence, all trips are customised keeping in mind the traveller’s preference and budget.

Our USP is a strong local connection in almost all the major tourist location. This helps us in monitoring the guest schedule to perfection.

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What are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up

  • Acceptability as a women entrepreneur in a line of business which is strong male dominated one.
  • Customer preference towards, online portals, for cheaper price options.
  • Hard to identify the clientele, which has a taste to explore places rather than only visiting.



Most importantly, we call ourselves Travel Consultants than a mere Travel Agent, as we guide you with the smallest details about the destination apart from booking the same.

What have been your top 5 learnings as an entrepreneur

  1. Transparency with the customers.
  2. Time-Management, specially when handling the entire business single-handedly
  3. Making decisions with customers’ comfort in mind.
  4. Managing the multiple facets of business like finance and marketing with single minded focus on end result.
  5. Times may be good or bad, but the end result will only depend on your attitude has been one of my key learning too as an entrepreneur.

What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

The hand that rocks the cradle, can definitely rule the world. Its just that you need to believe in your self. Initially things may break you or shake you, but in the end, those things will only make you!

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  1. Wow I loved the write up. My best friend and my manager in the last firm she worked in. As a manager too she Excelled in her field and was brilliant in her work always. She has made us proud as a woman and given each one of us an inspiration to work and grow higher in our respective work hurdles. Vest wishes to you always.

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