Miraya Arts- Founder Pooja Doshi

My City Woman's story on Pooja Doshi, founder of Miraya Arts
Pooja Doshi-Founder of Miraya Arts

About Miraya Arts

Miraya Arts is a bespoke gift and packaging  solutions provider. Their beautiful and creative packages have made every celebration they have been a part of- even more special. They truly believe in the saying – ‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving it’. Meet the talented woman behind the works – Pooja Doshi.


Tell us something about yourself-

I hail from Delhi. I am a Commerce Graduate and post that got an opportunity to pursue a designing course at NIFT Delhi. I am blessed with a loving family. I currently have a base in Mumbai n Pune. I enjoy travelling and music. I’ve always loved pursuing creative things. My brand Miraya Arts is an outcome of my interest in Art and creativity.


Miraya Arts-bespoke gift packaging provider
Miraya Arts offers bespoke gift packaging solutions

Describe your service model and what makes your products/services unique

My Business caters to designer Trousseau and Gift packaging products and Services. Adding to this we have exclusive collection of Giveaways for weddings, engagement ceremony, Festivals, jubilee celebrations and other occasions including customized gifts.

All the products in my collections are handpicked and curated after seeing a unique element in them.I believe celebrations and Gifts are an integral part of any important milestone in our life so the gifts and their packaging have to be memorable.

Above All, customer Satisfaction and optimum pricing of goods are my priorities and i try to make my best efforts to ensure the same.


What are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up

I am currently based in Pune which is a relatively new place for me. Before starting my venture I had to do a thorough market research to be sure whether the products and services I want to offer will work in the city or not.

There was other base work regarding tie-ups with right vendors, logistics and other aspects of business which had to be put in place as my venture caters to market Pan India.


What have been your top 5 learning as an entrepreneur?

Miraya Arts offers bespoke gift packaging solutions
Add glitter to your special occasions with Miraya Arts Gift packaging

As an Entrepreneur I have following learning to share:

  • Consistent Efforts have to be made irrespective of high-lows of market.
  • To stay updated about the current market trends and client requirements.
  • Providing smooth execution of orders starting from interacting with the clients regarding their requirements till on time delivery of goods is very important.
  • With business going online to a large extent and social media playing a major part in the visibility and growth of business, one has to tap all available channels to reach maximum audience for their respective field.
  • Planning and analysis of business from time to time is equally important.


What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

I would like to suggest that every woman has immense potential and skills to make a mark in life. One should realise doing what makes them happy and pursue that skill to the best of their capability irrespective of possible hurdles.

At the same time it’s important to balance professional and personal life while achieving our goals.


You can follow Pooja on:

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Call –             9920181895

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