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Mentagram Founders- Dr Dhaval Mody and Dr Bhavi Mody

Tell us something about Mentagram

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“Mann ki Baat ab App ke Saath”

Mentagram  is an innovative, first of its kind mobile application for connecting mental health professionals with clients across the Country. It integrates psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors on a single platform.

Mentagram is a mobile app that allows users to seek information, have virtual consultations, seek psychological assessments and get medicines. It provides an end to end solution to the user.

Our Objective : Educating, Evolving and Empowering individuals.

Our mission :  To make Mental Health Available, Accessible and Affordable to All.


How did Mentagram come aboutman ki baat ab aap ke saath

My husband, Dr Dhaval Mody, is trained in The USA for Psychiatry and has been managing children with special needs.  We set out on a mission of ‘Sculpting Minds, Shaping Future’. Thus was born of Vrudhi Research Foundation. We worked and grew enough to be working with over 55,000 children annually across city of Mumbai, with the following four domain expertise; Academic, Behaviour, Career and Developmental. Our centre provided various services under one roof. My role is to provide homeopathy and with my keen interest in Dietetics and Nutrition, was researching on role of food as medicine for children with ADD/HD. Having worked for over a decade for mental health through our various initiatives at Vrudhi, we saw a growing need to ensure mental health delivery system.

Edupsyche was thus born with the prime objective of ‘Remoulding Redefining & Refining Mental Health’.

We wanted to reach out to the population at large and ensure better mental health service delivery across the country.

With over a decade of experience in the field, we strongly felt that technology was the only way to take things faster all across the country.

With a huge gap between mental health service providers and those seeking services, Edupsyche took up the following challenges associated with Mental Health.

  1. De-stigmatise and Decatastrophise mental health.
  2. Imparting right Skills and training to mental health professionals.
  3. 3. Bridging the gap between Mental Health Professionals and those seeking Mental Health Services.

That led us to Mentagram, a mobile application that would use technology to reach all across the country.


 What makes your venture unique:

Mentagram is a Win- Win for all Psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists and Clients and Corporates.

For Psychiatrists:

  • Mentagram works to decrease their dropout rates and help them reach out to clients seeking therapy.
  • It helps them to maintain an Electronic Medical Health Record.

For Psychologists/ Counsellors:

  • Works as a back office and front office.
  • Gives them a virtual platform to have flexi work hours.

For Users:

  • They can get scientific information on the portal.
  • Booking online appointments, Video Consultation, Audio Call, Texting with their Professional.
  • Storing Mental Health Records Online for the entire family.
  • Seeking online Psychological assessments.
  • Seeking Prescription and Medicines online.

Mentagram will provide a confidential, convenient, discreet and non-threatening platform to those who shy from seeking MENTAL health services.

For The Corporates:

  • It will increase the productivity of their employees and help decrease the DALY – Disability Adujusted Life Years.



Burden of Mental Health in India.

No of People with Mental Health Issues - 75 Million

No of adolescent Suicides - 148 per 100000

Corporate employee and Mental health - 4 in 10 having a Mental health problem.

Geriatric Mental Health- 12.5% have depression.

No of Mental Health Professionals - 4000 psychiatrists and 10,000 psychologists

Doctor -patient ratio -  1:343000

India lost 31 million years of healthy life to Mental illness in 2013. 
By 2020 38.1 million years of healthy life will be lost. 
According to WHO 20% of India’s population will suffer from mental health illness by 2020.


Mentagram is unique because it comes as a solution from experts who have been in the industry for two decades. It is a solution for Mental health and wellness by Mental Health professionals developed after an indepth study and understanding.


burden of mental health in IndiaWhat are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up:

Neglected domain:

Mental Health in India is largely a neglected domain. The need for mental health and wellness services is huge but acceptance is poor. Our budget too does not give priority to mental health. Only 0.6% of  India’s country’s health budget is allocated to mental health.

Though things are changing and the government is now doing its bit to promote mental health. India’s first mental health policy has been launched in Oct 2014.


Having said that, trying out to serve the entire country, finance, marketing and reaching out have been our biggest challenges.


What have been your top 5 learnings as an entrepreneurBurden of Mental Health in India

1. Believe in your abilities and strength.

Each person has qualities that can make a difference. Be the change you want to see in others. Have a positive attitude in life and never give up. Believe in yourself, move on.

2. Failures are stepping stones to Success.

Never give up on your dreams and vision. You need a vision that you and your team can follow. Never let go of your ethics

3. Be focused at all times. Be creative and think out of the box.

4. Need to choose the right people to form your core team.

You need people who will understand you and your vision. A lot depends on the team. A closely knitted team is the pillar of any business.

5. Work life balance is very important:

Simply prioritising the tasks can help you work effectively, efficiently and effortlessly. To put it simply, plan and execute, do what you need to do now, don’t postpone it for tomorrow.


What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

The 4 Ps: Passion, Patience Persistence and Perseverance will lead you to Success always.



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