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My City Woman's story on Prachi Kagzi-Founder of Little Passports
Prachi Kagzi-Founder of Little Passports


Tell us something about yourself

A little about my journey so far. I am born and brought up in New Delhi. I have been an active sportsperson all my life ranging from mountaineering to basketball. I have played for the country during my formative years. I did multiple degrees and studied business, fashion, photography and contemporary dance. I moved to UK to for my MBA. I have lived in 5 cities and traveled to over 50 countries, and hope to keep counting !

I did small stints in each sphere before my MBA and finally landed an investment banking job. After working for almost 7 years in a corporate setup I took a break after my son was born and thus got inspired to become a Mompreneur by founding my own travel company.


Describe your service model and what makes your tour trips unique

My City Woman's article on Little Passports
Little passports organizes travel tours with kids as their niche customers

Little Passports is a novel concept in the kids travel space for India. We organize educative travel tours for kids aged between 3 and 15. The concept resonates with today’s parents who value ‘learning by doing.’These trips are in tandem with popular school holidays.

The tours designed for kids have been formulated with all my travel knowledge and experiences of travelling with kids. The tours are proactive to keep needs of kids and concerned parents in mind. I understand the importance of age appropriate attractions and energy levels of kids and have devised itineraries accordingly.

I have a penchant for kid’s destinations and aspire to convert all my experiences to trips through Little Passports. Little Passports envisions to be synonymous with unique destinations coupled with the parent and child bond allowing hassle free travel with a like-minded group of kids and adults.


What are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up 

On the contrary, Little Passports being an innovative concept in the education/travel world , has received an overwhelming response from family, friends , parents and educational institutions, alike! There was a gaping hole in this sphere and, we have touched the nerve of every enthusiastic parent and the IB curriculum based schools in India by offering these tours.We have been applauded many times in the media,including the Travel Magazine Conde Nast Traveller.


What have been your top 5 learning as an entrepreneur

My City Woman on successful business entrepreneur Prachi Kagzi
Little Passports with one of their travel groups

I have had many learnings on the way and here are some if them:

1.More than education , I owe my entrepreneurial edge to my work experience and my support system (my family).

2.Facing hurdles is built into my upbringing as I hail from a traditional Marwari business family where even as a child I have always seen that to climb the entrepreneurship ladder one has to overcome many obstacles

3. As a woman, being adept at time management and multitasking , surely helps!

4. Don’t let the fear of failure daunt you from even trying.

5.You will get help along your journey, in the most unexpected times and way.

What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

I wanted to experience everything at once.I feel all my travel has led me to become what I am , and I wouldn’t achieve half as much if I didn’t have the quest to go on exploring. Most importantly, having traveled across the globe, stayed in different cities and met people from all walks of life gave me the faith to go out there and try my hand at what I believe in!

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