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My City Woman's story on Tanvi Mallya -Founder of Tanvi Mallya's Eldercare services
Tanvi Mallya -Founder of Tanvi Mallya’s Eldercare services

About Tanvi

Tanvi has specialised in Neuropsychology from the University of Bristol (U.K.). While at Bristol, she was associated in researching the genetic basis of early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s manifestations in association with the Avon Longitudinal Studies of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). Over the past few years, Tanvi has worked extensively with people diagnosed with various neurodegenerative disorders and their families, aiding better management and improving their quality of life. Her efforts and contribution were appreciated by the Mayor of Mumbai in 2014 when she was felicitated for her contribution to the field of Dementia Care.

Tell us something about Tanvi Mallya’s Elder Care Services

TMECS was established with a vision of keeping loved ones close together; of helping families put together a system – exactly the kind they would find in a care home- in the comfort of their own home! Research has often indicated a steep decline that elderly with various types of neuro-degeneration disorders experience, when a change in their surroundings is made; so you can only imagine what uprooting their entire existence to move them to a care home would do to them!

Whenever a family approaches us we help them put together a care plan which addresses every need of their beloved elderly in the comfort of their home; we help through services like:

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (Daily/Weekly Visits) – Our ElderCare professional (who are usually post graduates in psychology) visit them on a regular basis and each session is followed by a detailed report emailed to the other family members. This is especially helpful when the family doesn’t live in the same city/country as the elderly.

Our professionals help them explore various hobbies, re-kindle past interests, get a little more active on social media, engage them in specially designed and curated brain games – all whilst keeping their cognitive and emotional standing in mind.

  • Initial and Regular Needs Assessment
  • Family Counselling
  • Training Staff


Describe your service model and what makes your services unique

Ours is a subscription based model. Today, there are a lot of companies working with the elderly but most of them focus solely on the medical needs or on care-needs (supplying nurses/attendants). We look at the emotional and intellectual needs of the elderly which is sadly not given much importance. We try to maintain brain activity and foster effective communication patterns in the family and care-staff.

We look at the emotional and intellectual needs of the elderly which is sadly not given much importance. We try to maintain brain activity and foster effective communication patterns in the family and care-staff.

TMECS provides cognitive stimulation to elders to help them stay engaged.
TMECS provides cognitive stimulation to elders to help them stay engaged.

We specialise in working with elderly who are neuro-degenerating – have dementia of any kind (Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Parkinsons’, Lewy-Body, Fronto-temporal) or have had Stroke. We even work with elderly who are perfectly healthy but just need some cognitive stimulation. Families trust our team and reading our reports makes them feel more in control, gives them a little more insight about what is going on with their beloved elderly family member. Over a period of time, the elderly start viewing our ElderCare Professional – as a friend, a confidante. They eagerly look forward to the visit and confide their fears and insecurities. We convey this to the families and work with them to create a more nurturing environment, one where the elderly is able to flourish in the silver years of their life.

It is always so fascinating to see when we are approached with somebody who has lost interest in the environment around them for various reasons; our professionals start visiting them and within a few days/weeks, then individual has a more positive outlook, is enjoying things they used to. There are no limits to our methods to cognitively stimulate the elderly – art, technology, cooking, blogging – we are all over!


What are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up

Hurdles were many but one that I want to share is the lack of a mentor – it can be quite daunting to not have someone who knows the tricks of the trade. But like every dark cloud has a silver lining, this did too! It pushed me to network harder. It was OK if I did not have one person who knew it all, I tried looking for different people in my circles with different specialisations and drawing from their area of expertise!


What have been your top 5 learning as an entrepreneur

The journey from being a salaried employee to an entrepreneur has been a great learning experience. My five most key entrepreneurial lessons are:

Perseverance –

There will be rosy days where the amount of pride in what you are doing will skyrocket, and then there will be days when it will tank, where motivation will be at an all time low – believe in yourself, despite adversity, and continue to persevere.

Adapt –

Tanvi Mallya's Eldercare services
TMECS helps create a nurturing environment for elders in the comfort of their homes.

This is such an important aspect given what we do. While we specialise in creating customised services for each elderly, the business too has to adapt. We are constantly trying to upgrade and integrate to make our business more inclusive.

One woman army –

When I was starting out, it was literally that! We cannot succeed if we do not diversify, in terms of our role – designing the website, marketing, sales, handpicking the team – you name it and I have done it – all this while never compromising on the service we provide to our customers.

Service Quality –

The quality of your service is the best form of marketing. Great service speaks for itself and we believe the word of mouth recommendation is the best form of marketing.  There is a great amount of pride when a customer recommends us to a friend. It means we are doing it right 🙂


What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

Believe in yourself – you will always have a 1000 reasons not to do something, but if you have one good reason to do it, persevere and watch the 1000 others change their tunes.

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