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Bhairavi Malkani- Founder Creative Box

About Creative Box

Creative Box is a home-grown venture founded in 2006 by Bhairavi Malkani. We began by conducting art & craft workshops with handmade and environmentally themed creations. Combining our need to do our bit  for the environment and a penchant for fashion we set foot on our journey to create fashion accessories and home decor products.

Tell us something about yourself

I hail from Mumbai and after completing my graduation in Economics, I studied art at Nirmala Niketan Institute. As an environmental activist since college I conducted art workshops on the same concept and after a couple of years ventured into creating sustainable fashion like upcycled bags and home décor products. Its been 7 years since I started Creative Box and now I run a small team where I handle the design and have a few artists who work with me. I conduct art & craft workshops too, in different cities all over India. I am an avid reader and love to read in my free time.


Describe your service model and what makes your designers unique

My city woman's blog on Creative Box
CreativeBox -handpainted and handcrafted bags and purses

We are driven to create products that are handcrafted with local & skilled craftsmanship. Our little box brings out sustainable up cycled creations – fashion accessories like handbags, clutches, sling bags, tote bags & more which are handmade & hand painted;  and home décor products like cushion covers, elite decors and wall art. All our creations reflect our artistic love and warmth for nature, culture, contemporary & folk art.


What are some of the initial hurdles you faced when starting up

When we started out social media wasn’t as strong as it is today, hence reaching out to people with very low budgets for advertising & marketing was a challenge. But a unique concept and affordable fashion were the key things that got us ahead.


What have been your top 5 learning as an entrepreneur

  • Start your day early and plan ahead.
  • Don’t give up on an idea however small.
  • Make a lot of mistakes. You will learn a lot.
  • Upgrade your skills and read a lot.
  • Take some time out to do something you enjoy.

What is one success mantra you have to give women to get ahead in life

I strongly believe that everything we do has a purpose, sooner or later  we do find out. And that destiny does not mean to wait around for things to happen but go out there and make them happen.

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Hand painted Buddha Bag from CreativeBox
Hand painted Buddha Bag from CreativeBox




Call –               91 9833548881


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