My City Woman's blog on how positive self affirmations can help increase self confidence

Boost Your Self Esteem With Positive Self Affirmations

Researches prove that women in general lack self belief more than men do. The dictionary defines “self affirmation as ” the recognition and assertion of the existence and value of one’s individual self.” Belief in oneself is the most critical ingredient to success. Positive affirmations can transform your life in more ways than you think. It can make your sub conscious mind think and do what you might not have ordinarily done. We get you ways you can boost your self-esteem and emerge as a confident and successful person. Read here on the power of self-affirmations..


You become what you thinkMy City Woman's blog on how positive self affirmations can boost your self esteem

Sub conscious  mind is far more powerful than conscious mind. Saying something good or bad to yourself over and over again can actually make it happen. This is because the mind starts believing in it and directs your actions to accomplish it. If you keep saying “I can’t do it!” , no wonder you will not be able to.


Win over negativity

Repeating positive affirmations can motivate you to fight tough situations in life. For instance, if you want your business to prosper but are not able to find a way- a negative mindset will drag your energy down. This doesn’t help, does it?  Try the self affirmation approach instead. Repeat to yourself- “I can make this happen. No matter what, I will find a way to come out of the problem” This would give you renewed energy to think through the situation.


Affirm positive beliefs about you

Boost your self esteem and self belief with positive affirmations like

“I have a knack for cracking this! I have done it in the past and can do it again”

“I am talented and can talk knowledgeably about this topic in front of others”

“I love myself and others look up to me”

“I look smart irrespective of my weight”

A happy heart stays with a positive mind

How can you stay happy with negative thoughts surrounding you? Affirm to yourself each morning “It’s a beautiful day. I am going to make most of it”  This thought may actually shape the rest of your day. “I am feeling so happy and relaxed today” has the power to calm you down.



Try these positive self affirmations in your life today and see your life transform for good.


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