3 Qualities You Need To Start up On Your Own

Women are born to multi-task.  They have many qualities that are pre-requisites to make a great leader. Yet, the number of women who start up on their own is still small. We tell you 3 broad entrepreneurial qualities that are needed to start up on your own.


1. Passion

Passion for your craft, an idea is a cornerstone to business success. If your idea keeps you awake at night, hounds you during the day and stays with you in whatever that you do, it is time to go ahead and launch it. Your passion for it will help you sustain difficult times and beat the naysayers.


2. Fire in the belly

If you continuously want to upgrade your skills, learn new things and know what people are doing all around the world in helping change the way things are done or make a difference out there, you know you have it in you to start up on your own.


3. Ability to influence others

This one emerges from self-belief –  in yourself and in your idea. Your belief can help you push your idea ahead, employ and retain the right talent with you and convince others to go with you.


Faith in yourself and your idea, the fire in your belly to move ahead and ability to take people along will make you work hard, push your limits and pick up skill sets you know nothing about. These qualities are the basic tenets for starting up on your own. What are your thoughts on this?