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Beauty In Imperfections

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius!” – Marlyn Monroe

Every person is different and that is what makes one unique. Looks and abilities both are differently bestowed upon us by the Almighty. Sadly enough, our perception of beauty is single-handedly influenced by media- television, movies and fashion magazines. Who doesn’t want a washboard stomach like Deepika Padukone? Who wouldn’t want that perfectly sculpted face and body like Kareena Kapoor Khan? The list is endless and so are the beauty parameters. The point to ponder is – If all of us start looking like that perfect model gracing the latest edition of Elle Magazine, how would we be “just what no one else can be!”

Why should you be just yourself?

There can be only one YOU

Because it makes YOU uniquely beautiful just as you are.

Gain self confidence

Self acceptance is a start of never ending love story with yourself. Your self confidence and self esteem will soar once you start to love the shape of your face, the colour of your skin, your uncivilized curly hair or those hands that you feel doesn’t look “girly”.

Sexy is a feelingMy City Woman's tips to be yourself

When you feel sexy, you look sexy. It does not depend upon the cut of your neckline or the length of your skirt. It also does not depend upon your vital statistics. Sexiness is in your eyes, your own body image and the way you carry yourself. It is more like a mind game.

Create the brand YOU

In any set up, you can create more credibility for yourself once you start to be yourself. The way you talk, your body language, your sense of dressing all go on to complete your persona. In the long run, you create a brand for yourself that many may aspire for.

Beauty products

There is no woman who doesn’t like beauty products. Make up should make you feel good about yourself. If you feel you have to hide something on your face to look good, rethink how you are approaching the entire process.

Unwanted stress

The moment you want to be someone else, you step out of your own zone – one whom you are not. You begin to feel uncomfortable and conscious. Why make yourself stress over something that cannot be more important than YOURSELF!

Do the Un-boring!

Ditto is boring! Try what makes you happy and you could start your own beauty trend. Ditch what is the norm, if you like to wear a sari, wear it; if you love those stilettos, wear them! Like a chunky silver jewellery, go for it!

As for those models in the lifestyle and beauty magazines – most of them have extensive cosmetic effects done on them (tummy tucks, botox treatments, name it!) many of the perfect looking pictures are photoshopped and it isn’t real in any human way possible. So stop looking to identify yourself with those and give yourself a space where you can be who you truly are and still get loved by people who deserve your company.


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