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Beat The Monotony Of Being A Stay At Home Parent

A stay at home parent leads a very lonely and hectic life. No matter what the perception of others around them may be, they know that those small little errands and little details makes all the difference to the lives of our little one and our spouse too.

The day begins early on with packing the lunch boxes for the kids and husband. Getting the house in order, deciding on the menu for lunch and dinner, picking up the kid back from school, ensuring home assignments given to the child are duly completed to getting the laundry done, the list is truly endless. Day in and day out, this can really get to you and make you feel exasperated and dull.

We bring you ways to help you beat the monotony and still get a slice of life for yourselves, just the way YOU want it!

#1  Do not drown yourself in laundry and dishes –My City Woman's blog on how to beat-the-monotony-of-being-a-stay-at-home-parent1

Once the kids and husband leave for school and office respectively – have your breakfast (yes that is very important!) and then get to the activity that you love. You can finish up on that book you have been meaning to finish, get to pick up your paint brushes, anything at all that makes you happy. It would make you feel complete and more connected with yourself.

#2 Communicate with people you want to

In between house chores and kids, we often miss calling up our parents, calling a friend or making a call that we keep thinking of all day but can’t get to it. Trust me, it makes you feel more real and connected to the world and people we love. Sometimes, communication with our spouse too is interrupted. Use this quiet time to call and talk for a few minutes and you would feel relieved the entire day.

#3 Get physically active

Exercise, meditate or simply walk, it is important to get physically active. Exercise can uplift your mood, get you to feel positive and more alive! If you cannot make it to the nearby gym, pick a fitness DVD and start exercising at home. Alternate it with brisk walks on certain days. Brisk walking does not mean errands to the super market though! Make sure that this time is completely yours and you use it for feeling good and doing good to your body.

#4 Plan a dinner or coffee date with your husband

Learn to break the routine once in a while. Plan a dinner out or just go out for a cup of coffee with your husband. Take this as time invested to keep your relationship healthy and make it more meaningful. Hold hands and talk together. Just chill and enjoy the time out!

#5 Plan for your future

Your kids may not be forever too young. Soon you would have more time to yourself. You can use this time to do online certifications, research on a business plan or put your hand to an activity you can start professionally in due course of time. Get yourself mentally active. Use this time of “stay at home phase” to your advantage.

#6 Network with people

Life of a stay at home parent can get very lonely. It is a great idea to be connected with the world outside. Talk to other mommies in your neighbourhood, basically network with people around you. Do not seclude yourself. Plan time-outs (with or without kids) and enjoy a evening or afternoon with your buddies. It is a great stress buster and can make you feel real.

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