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Be Your Own Favourite!

Pompous it may sound, but today I’ll tell you why being your very own favourite person pays! You can also call it self-acceptance .It has amazing effect on your life and of those around you. This can be a life changing attitude – you can transform yourself into a confident, smart, positive, relaxed and successful person. As they say, “it’s all in the mind”.

Don’t believe me?

I list here 5 reasons why ……

You are more likely to be successful:

Someone famous once said” To soar in life, you must first learn to F.L.Y.(First Love Yourself)”. It is true that successful people really like themselves; they like the way they are and the way they do things.

It makes you confident –

The moment you start liking yourself, you start believing in it. It shows when you interact with others socially. The attitude gets you to appear confident and smart.

Love is infectious! –

When you love yourself, people around you notice it. Everyone loves being around people who send out positive vibes rather than putting up with people who take to self-pity and look vulnerable.

You become emotionally secure –

Having faith in yourself make oneself very secure about oneself. You would no longer seek validation from people around you. This is a very calming experience. It would transcend into a very relaxed and “in-control” persona.

You become outgoing and helpful 

One of the most amazing effect of loving yourself is that you start accepting and loving others around you too. You would find yourself going out of your way to help people out.

A word of caution here – Others may not be on a “I am my favourite person mode” and may not reciprocate your feelings towards them. It’s important to be more “karmic” about it. Love yourself but do not expect everyone around you to love yourself back with the same level of selflessness.

How to like yourself? (Ironic but true, you need to like yourself more!)

With amazing results, how do you go down this path? Well it’s the power of the mind. “What you dwell on , is what you become”. You can consciously try to get to it by following the two pronged approach:

  1. Follow your heart-

It’s time to stop faking and start living.  Do what you “feel ” is the correct thing that anyone should have done. Then go ahead and do it. You would gain respect in your own eyes. Respect and love for oneself go hand in hand. Whom you cannot respect, you cannot truly love.

  1. Accept yourself the way you are –

Your friend might be richer, your neighbour might be driving an expensive car; the comparisons can be endless. And you know it deep down inside that you may not be able to chase everyone in life. It is a bottomless pit – because you can seek yourself to a bigger and better aspiration at every level, no matter from where you start. Its relative. It would really help if you stop comparing yourself to others. Count your own blessing. You are blessed in your own special way –  each of us are. It’s time to pause and think and count your blessings.

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