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Be A Winner Always!

Winning is the ability to rise up from the fall. Winning is in fact a misnomer- it is less about success than failure.  There is no person who has won without losing. No matter what life throws at you, you can always win! Because it is less dependent on anything else but your very own spirit. Be it workplace, home or any other dynamic life environment, there are innumerable examples of how people have pulled themselves together with grace and dignity and risen again. We give you ways of keeping this God-given winning spirit alive within us. Read on…

My City Woman's blog on how to be a winner-never-be-afraid-to-fly#1   Feed your soul

It is true! Just as our body needs nutrients to keep itself fit and healthy, the soul too longs for resources to keep itself alive. There is inspiration everywhere. Learn to keep your mind open to be able to feel and embrace it. A sixty year old who sells fruits around the street too has a lot to teach us about self reliance, he chooses not to beg but to work hard to earn a livelihood. Read up regularly about autobiographies of people who have braved all odds to come out of a tough situation in life. Watch biopic of people – there is no dearth of finding meaningful resources once you get your mind inclined to it.


#2 Meditate

Everyday life can sometimes dull your spirit, especially the busy urbane hustle. Practice meditation to keep yourself calm and composed. Let your soul connect with your mind and body. Meditation is akin to exercising your mind. Meditation even for 15 minutes everyday can go a long way in getting your mind to keep sane, fit and healthy.

#3 Keep the winning spirit alive!

Learn to keep a journal of odds you faced in your life and how you came out of it. It helps a great deal when dark and hopeless thoughts cloud our thinking and our ability. Talk to people who really care about you – close friends and family to feel rooted to your true being.

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#4 Shun negativity from your life

You are the best judge of yourself. Do not keep negative people or emotions huddled in your life. Learn to keep negativity at bay. It is an art and those who are successful in life have mastered it. Divert your mind to think “can-do” situations.

#5 Think positive

Mind is a really powerful tool. You can drive it to achieve amazing feats only if you think towards it. So think big and think positive. Do not imagine situations where you are down and out. This not only brings in negativity, it also makes one feel like a failure. Drive your imagination towards happier and and successful events and in no time your would be amazed at how you are already working towards fulfilling your dream. Create positive mind visuals that your are achieving your dreams to get yourself going in the right direction.

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