My City Woman's tips to select the correct size of bra

Are You Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Women and the correctly fitted bras are like best friends, you need it to support you even without you realising it. That’s the beauty of a well fitted pair of bra.

Do you know that roughly 70-80% of women wear the wrong bra size?

You would know you have a problem with you bra when:

My City Woman's guide for selecting correct size of bra
  • The straps are denting your shoulders
  • You feel “droopy”
  • You are having shoulder and back aches
  • The straps are pulling up your back
  • You can’t remember the last time you shopped for them!
  • You see spillage from the sides
  • You feel asphyxiated in your bras
  • You wear the same bra on every outfit


Alright so how do you get the correct one for yourself? Either you could consider going to a professional fitting done for yourself. If you are a shy sort and would want to do this at home, you could try that as well.

How to get the correct bra size?

This involves two things – getting the correct cup size and band size.

To get the correct band size you need to either:My City Woman's blog on how to select correct size of bra

  1. a) Measure yourself across the underbust. Take a soft measuring tape and measure yourself keeping the band straight from back to the front. Exhale to get the smallest measurement. It should neither be too tight nor too lose. If you get an odd number, round it off to the next even number.
  2. b) You can double check if you measured yourself correctly by moving the tape under your arms and bringing it to the centre of the chest. Again round it off to the next even number if you get an odd measure.

To get the correct cup size-

Use a non padded bra while measuring yourself.

Measure loosely from the fullest part of your bust moving the tape across the chest.

Reduce the cup size from the band size to get your bra size

Bra size = Cup size-band size

For example=  If your cup size is 36 and band size is 34, the difference is 2 and this translates into cup size B. Refer chart below:

My City Woman's blog on How to measure the bra size
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