My City Woman's tips for new moms to beat stress

Are You Turning Into A Zombie Mommy?

If you thought giving birth was difficult, surviving the motherhood would make it look like a cakewalk! A new mom has to keep up with a tiny baby in her lap – feeding every half an hour, changing diapers, to being awake all night to soothe the apparently colic child. Hours of endless attention to the child leave little room for the new mum to even think about herself or catch up on that much needed sleep. Feels like you are turning into a zombie? Welcome to motherhood!

How best can you beat the phase and stay sane? Read here 5 Tips for new moms to beat stress and prevent yourself from turning into a zombie!

#1 Get Help!

You cannot  manage everything on your own. Get help from your mom, your husband’s mom or  keep a nanny, basically anyone who can help change diapers and give attention to a two month old baby when it wants to play in the middle of the night!

#2 Get Sorted

Make a list of things to be done and put it up anywhere where its easily visible. I generally prefer to put my list up on the refrigerator and secure it with a magnet. You can include things like things to buy, your next doctor’s appointment  and so on.

#3 Catch up on your sleepMy City Woman's tips for new moms to prevent becoming zombie mommy

This one is the tricky one. The best way to mange it is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Especially after bath in the morning when the baby just dozes off, kill all your activities, finish breakfast and sleep with your baby. These couple of hours of sleep will help you survive torturous nights when your baby doesn’t sleep.

#4 Ask your doctor for basic guidelines

New mothers often find it difficult to handle situations when the babies cry for no apparent reason. They freak out when their little hearts run little fever or seem to have loose motions or sometimes no motion at all for couple of days! These are very common occurrences. Ask your paediatrician at the first opportunity that you get to meet him/her. Keep these basic medications at home handy. Of course experience is the best teacher but these instructions will hand hold you and make you confident in managing new motherhood with ease.

#5 Bond with the baby

Having a small baby in your life can make your world change beyond imagination. The post partum depression may even make it worse to connect with your own child. These are very real human emotions and the best way to beat it is to accept it. Bond with the baby-  give your child massage with your own hands, talk to the baby, sing if you want to the baby and yes eventually bathe your baby too. This will help both your child and you to bond and fight negative feelings.

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