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Are You Taken Seriously At Workplace?

As women, we face various kinds and degrees of challenges. It may range from getting the assignment done on time at work to getting the kids project work completed for that science project at school. No matter how hard we try, the proverbial “glass ceiling” surfaces its head once in a while. Is that promotion eluding you? Is that job transfer still slipping away from your grip? Are you taken seriously enough at workplace by your colleagues and boss?

Are you assertive enough?

Women often wait on that promotion hoping to get there by sheer hard work. Hard work is essential – but not the ultimate thing to success.  Be assertive about what you want at workplace. Have that open dialogue with the senior management and express clearly your career goals. Let’s face it- competition is immense and the one who stands out gets it first.

Do you loose talk?

Avoid talking about people(read gossiping) which is a perceived as a common female trait. Instead talk about something related to management goals, that project being pushed from senior management  above and the like when you meet your boss down the corridor. No matter how good looking your colleague is, refrain from flirting up to him. The chatter and gossip will not go down well and you will risk being seen as someone not very focused on work at hand.

Do you discuss your domestic issues at work?

It makes you look like stressed, not able to manage dual responsibility of work and home together. If you are troubled by how your teenage son will not finish his assignments on time and you have to go and get it done each day, your colleagues will perceive it as if you are more home oriented than work oriented. It may be an exaggeration but that’s how perceptions at work place about women function.

Do you power dress?

How you feel and look is directly related to how you dress at work. If you are casually dresses, be ready to be taken casually by those around you at workplace. Insane, but true. Dress smart, which befits workplace etiquette and code of wear. You would not want to come across as just a pretty young thing(PYT), do you?

Do you complete your projects on time?

It is an unforgivable offence at work. Unless you meet you timelines and targets, chances are people will not take you seriously enough. Even if you have to stay up all night to get to it, do it. Respect and reputation is earned over time. And it is true that as women, we always have to work twice as hard. One slip on our part erases many days of hard work and toil.

In closing, I just want to say that what men can get around easily, women are always judged – how they talk, what they discuss, how they dress and look-like.. It’s time to recognise it and take charge. After all, that promotion is just waiting around the corner!

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