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Are You Intimidating Your Man?

Women today are strong willed, independent and self reliant in every way. Chances are, they are single too! If you are the one yourself and thinking why is it that dates are so hard to come by; if they come, your men soon wander away. It could be that they are intimidated by your persona and gradually decide to drift away.

We give you 5 in-your-face-signs-

1. You are not easily approachable

You carry this no-nonsense air about you and men would think twice before knocking on your door. Unknowingly this creates an invisible wall around you which makes it difficult for most people to approach you.

2. You earn more than him

Well accomplished and successful women like you may earn way more than the guy you are possibly dating. This pegs you up at a level higher. If your boyfriend falls in this category, he may be trying to distance himself from you. Do not bother because you definitely deserve a better guy who can handle your success.

3. You have a devil-may-care attitude

Basically, you are a non-conformist and can go ahead and do what your mind thinks. This may put men to step back and re-think if he wants to be with someone who is strong willed and likes to live free. Our advice? Be yourself, the right guy will eventually come.

4. You are too popular

You are doing very well professionally. You may also be rocking in the social circle -the cynosure at parties and social do’s. Your social media following is an evidence to this. This larger than life persona may hurt a guy’s ego –  he may feel emotionally distanced from you deep down inside and back off.

5. You have a mind of your own

Oh yes! Some men may not be able to get by this. Is it okay to let him go then? A big YES! Who wants to be submissive, dependent and mute just to please that guy.

Times are changing. Women need to be much more in their lives than just wait to get into a relationship. If the guy is for keeps, you’ll know. For now, stop fooling yourself and LIVE FREE and BE YOURSELF.

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