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Are You Doing Enough To Market Your Business?

Businesses big or small need an effective marketing support. It would help you reach a wider clientele and push your business ahead.

Lay Down Your Strategy

Whether you are using social media, newspaper ads or flyers, ensure that you have s strategy in place. Pay attention to :


Send out branded and appropriately designed flyers – must have your logo, avoid too much information and most importantly easy to read font.

Social Media

Ensure you stay consistent with the frequency of sending out updates. Choose a social media that best matches your business. If you are into baking, use Instagram and facebook and You Tube extensively to let people out there your awesome work. Consider using Snapchat or using small videos to provide a sneak peak of behind the curtain view. It helps establish a connect with your clients too.

Where are your customers hiding?

Look for facebook and linkedin groups where potential customers for your product may be hiding. For instance, if you are into selling jewellery, find an active ladies group to market your product. Hold an exhibition to have more people walk in and see your awesome product. Interact with them. Ask what interests them. If someone else is hosting a walk in exhibition, ask if you culd also get to exhibit. Do not restrict yourself from reaching out to people. Be open to opportunities, big or small as they come along.

What’s your USP?

Define a unique selling proposition for your business that you and only you can provide to the customers. highlight it when you communicate to your customers. Make it a high point while designing your promotional material too like handouts and flyers.

Engage your target audience

In the age of social media marketing, you can easily look towards engaging your  audience. Hold contests, tie up with other service providers for doling out freebies to the winners. There are endless opportunities that would help your audience relate to you and your product.

Seek Feedback

There is no marketing better than have your existing customers do put in a good word for you. Encourage them, talk to them to get in a good feedback from them, use it to add to customer testimonial on your social media handles and website. Give out referral discounts to your customers.

Whatever you do, if you think your present strategy isn’t working, probably it is time to change gears and redefine your strategy. Think out of the box, experiment, network and reach out to people around you to see your business bloom.


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