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Are You A Servant To Your Child?

Today’s children are bred in a way that many a times parents are left exasperated. Kids tend to order their parents around and REFUSE to do their basic chores. Are we turning into servants to our beloved kids?  Why do we always have to do it all for them?

Kids raised in this environment are likely to face the heat when they join the “real world”. Increasingly managers in the corporate world find their fresh recruits, refusing to pick up a job on their own. “They do not want to pitch in!” Are we as parents somewhere responsible for raising our kids without equipping them to take care of themselves? But wait a minute, parents never want it all to happen this way in the first place! It is not good for a healthy parent-child relationship too.

Read here the parenting tips, as we de-code how to break this vicious cycle and raise independent, self-responsible and smart kids we all would love to love.

Rule #1 Let them face the heat

Let your kids face the heat of their actions. If the child refuses to do the homework, instead of pushing endlessly, let your child go to school without the homework done and see what happens. We overprotect our kids to the extent that they do not know what it is to not do what is expected out of them.

Rule #2 Let them serve themselves

Refrain from laying out the plates and putting on the television so that your dear child will eat the meal presented before him/her. Tell yourself “If hungry, will eat” No one can survive hunger. Break the cycle of feeding your kids and running after them to have them finish the food.

How to approach – Get them food only when the child is hungry. Turn off the television. Ask your kid to begin eating and then finish it on his own. It is okay to leave the child alone in between so that he is not distracted and ask for your “help”. A hungry child is likely to finish his food in record time! If set as a routine, your child will pick it up and start eating and serving on his own. Expect no miracle to happen. Any change takes time to settle in. Till then hold on to your maternal instincts and “maa ki mamta”!!!

Rule#3 Let them stay in the undone bed and room

Refrain from doing it all for your kids. Give them a timeline to do their chore. “No television for you if you do not clean your room. “No going out to play unless clothes are in the laundry bag”. Rules create an impact and gives the child clear do’s and don’ts and they know how it is going to impact them.

Rule #4 Do not bend your own rules

Out of infinite love for your child, do NOT BEND,MODIFY or BREAK your own rules. Remember, if you do not take your own rules seriously, there is a high probability of your child too not following them.

Rule#5 Want it, get it

Let your child walk up to something he or she wants. STOP running errand services for them. Do not give in to their ask easily.

It is time we wake up as parents that our immense love for them may not deprive them of self responsibility. Take a stance, parents! You are their PARENT and certainly not their SERVANT!


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