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Are you a NAG

Do you know that nagging ends more marriages than adultery? Its a more serious issue than you might think it to be. It “turns off”your spouse  and dampens the intimacy in the relationship.

We as women try our best to work our way around practical situations. So if the tap is leaking and hubby won’t fix it, despite a zillion reminders, how to go about it? Life gets the better of us and what we get at the end is the crown of “NAGGING WIFE”!!! I know, it’s not fair. So what where is it that we go wrong?  How to avoid ever being called a nagging wife/girlfriend. Read on….

1. Rephrase-

Instead of saying what you are not getting, say what you exactly want. Men aren’t born geniuses and do not get to guess what you want them to do. So just say it aloud crisp and clear, instead of whining and giving a zillion reminders.

2. Take the pressure off –

Husbands are less likely to respond if they feel under pressure to do something.  Explain to him why your request is important. A little love can go a long way in getting your partner to hear you.

3. Set a timeline-

You may avoid the nagging route if you set a timeline to it – a mutually agreed timeline that is.

4.  Give him some space –

Your husband may be running a hectic week in office. He may be under pressure at work as well. Maybe he has a nagging boss at work! You may not know his situation completely ,no matter how close you may be. Remember, many men do not like to talk as openly and in detail about what may be pulling them down. Respect that. Constant reminders about getting something done will only push him against the wall. A little empathy will surely do wonders.

5. Don’t take it personally –

If it isn’t getting done, do not hold it personally against him. He may not simply think it’s as important or the urgency of it. A heart-to-heart conversation over a cup of coffee can do the trick. It’s as simple as that. Anger will only complicate the situation.

6. Find alternatives –

If the tap is leaking, consider getting a handyman to fix it? If he is not able to make it to the parents teacher meet, try alternating between the both of you. Reach an agreement in advance.

7. Say it with love –

Consider leaving post it notes with short and sweet reminders and cute simileys. This may lighten it up and get your business done faster!

Marriage is about mutual love, care and respect for each other. In the zeal to sort out, to plan out and work out every tiny little detail in our life, are you missing the larger picture? Are you taking away the fun moments between the two of you? Time to ponder and step back. Time to communicate better and bring back love as the priority. Rest everything?…. “Consider it done!”

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