are women conditioned to sacrifice

Are Women Conditioned To Sacrifice?

Since the time a girl breathes life into this world, she is made to realize that she is born with a superior virtue of sacrifice. Sacrifice for siblings, for parents and for everyone around. She is a Goddess  who is endowed with this special quality.

Most women go thru their lives this way, being okay to put others before her and be a second citizen in her own family.

She sacrifices her job to move to another city with husband.

She is okay not to buy something she really wants because a few other “urgent” expenses are around the corner.

She is okay to let go of her career because she is conditioned to sacrifice it for family.

She is also okay to sacrifice her promotion because she wants to be home early to be with her child.

She readily sacrifices her meal if the food is falling short. She manages because she is the last one to eat every day.

Why do women live “sacrificing” little joys of life. Is it because her family needs it, or is it because she has been conditioned to, without asking? I am not going to answer this one for you. Its YOU who needs to answer.

My City Woman's take on sacrifices that women make in their lifeBut do try not sacrificing for a change, something that is important to you, close to your heart. Try being a first citizen for a change, because you deserve every bit of that freedom and choice. Try teaching your sons too that sacrifice is a noble quality every human being – man or woman, girl or boy needs. We all need people around us to think and be sensitive about each others’ needs, not just women. It’s everybody’s prerogative. Let’s change this mindset, one family at a time.

As for me being a woman, I do not want to be a Goddess. I do not want to stand up on that pedestal either – for I do not want to be gloried for killing my desires and living a “sub-life”. I want to make my own choices because it is my life and I get to live it just once.

Let me know if you agree. What are your thoughts?

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