My City Woman's blog on Adele’s new song video

Adele’s New Song Video “Send My Love (To Your New Love)” is a dream!

Adele stuns again with her new song video “Send my love to your New Love”.  It premièred at the Billboard Music Awards night held last Sunday, May 22, 2016. It is about freedom and emancipation from a relationship that isn’t working.  It definitely is a courageous woman’s take on a dying relationship – asking her (ex) lover to treat his new love better! No heartbreaks this time, just pure emotions and courage oozing out of this song.

The video has a minimalist appeal, with Adele dancing away in the dark backdrop in a mild beam of light.  Her beautiful voice keeps one hooked till the end, and we ask for more! This one is for the strong, thinking woman… Check it out here.

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