Founding Editor


Hi! I’m Manmita Gupta. Thanks for stopping by.

I am no hero. I am like one of you who struggles to keep life afloat. Here’s more about me to help you all know me better:)

I was born and brought up in Kolkata, India. I graduated from ICFAI Business School , Hyderabad with specialization in Finance. I am also a qualified financial analyst (CFA).

I am blessed with a loving husband and two adorable kids – a son and a daughter. After the birth of my second child, I decided to bid my career goodbye and look after my kids in every way that I possibly can. The story might sound familiar to many of you.

Despite being very close to what I wanted for my family and kids, I feel there is something more to my life. I am on a constant quest. I hate complacency and lets just say, I am looking to uplift my soul to a higher level.

While I am at it, I certainly feel there is a vacuum in terms of information – regarding women who are seeking to rediscover themselves, who want to reach out, women who are witty, smart and intelligent nonetheless. For instance, for a stay at home mum, if they want to utilise a few hours at hand in a way that’s productive, might give them a little financial help as well, there is little of resources at one place, to turn to. This is just one instance where I intend to bring change to. If I have managed to bring that spark back to your life, I would be happy to hear your story back. Do write in to us…..