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A New Mommy’s Survival Guide

A new mommy feels like an alien on the planet. For one- she cannot recognise herself in the mirror. She looks…em..well..obese! “Look what’s happened to me!” she thinks.

Truly, its the most agonising part of the deal. She can’t diet because she is breast feeding. She scrambles to find all gyan on the internet – “How to lose post partum weight?” “How to lose that belly bulge“..still looks frustrated. Looks at those articles making her ordeal even more agonising ” 10 Celeb yummy mummies who got back to shape in 4 weeks post delivering their baby!!” Such articles just pricks where it hurts the most. How are young mothers’ even expected to get “normal” and not fall into a very real post partum depression.  This is a difficult one.

 From denial to frustration, she goes through a myriad of emotions. We help you get though this phase. Read on …

1. Do not stress yourself over your weight

No one keeps the maternity fat forever. The body takes a while to adjust. If you have had a c-section, ask your gynaecologist as to when can you start your fitness regime.. Start with a small 15-20 minutes schedule and gradually build it up. Keep telling yourself- “I want to get fitter and stronger” – weight loss will be a direct result of it.


2. Accept your new life

Being a mom takes a while to sink in. Even after carrying the baby for 9 months, when the baby finally lands in the mother’s arms – she is left astonished. Some new mommies even take 3 t0 4 months to bond well with the baby. Accept it. Let it all flow naturally into your life.


3. Accept the spotlight to move from you to the baby

So long a woman is pregnant, everyone just fusses around her – what should she eat, not eat, do not do. Post the baby’s arrival, the focus just moves to the baby. Some women find it difficult to take it in initially. But hey, who said its easy being a mom!


4. Learn to breastfeeding effectively

Breastfeeding the baby takes a centre stage in the mother’s life. It is an arduous job to keep feeding 24/7 really! Given that it boosts the baby’s immunity for a lifetime, consider this as the best gift you can give your child as a mother. Learn from your doctor how to feed without straining your already aching back muscles. Drink enough water to avoid the risk of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection).


5. Do not expect things to come back to “normal”

Well, life has changed and normal is now history. It is time to find your new normal. You may miss your me time , or the time you could have with your husband simply talking or going for long walks. But now you have is a beautiful part of you in your own hands to take care of. This is the new normal of your life. Embrace it and give it your best shot.


Expect no miracles in your life – arrival of a baby in a woman’s life is a milestone in itself. It takes a while for the new mother but following her natural motherly instincts, she can beat all uncertainty around herself. After all, with the child, a mother is born too.

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