lose weight post child birth

9 Ways To Lose That Weight Post Childbirth!

Most women struggle for weight loss after pregnancy. The only thing that mars the bliss of motherhood is the unusual weight gained during pregnancy. I pen down easy ways how you can lose that flab. It is not a miraculous potion but a process, a lifestyle that would lead you to achieve your goal. First six month to one year is critical to losing weight after pregnancy. Instead of living with a low self-esteem and frustration of being three sizes bigger, it’s time to take charge.

#1 Watch your meal potions

Eat smaller meals spread throughout the day. Having 5-6 meals is going to give you that extra calories without starving you out. Include proteins, fruits and vegetables in your diet.eat small potions

#2 Snack healthy

Breastfeeding can make you very hungry. Stock your refrigerator with healthy snacks like dry fruit laddoos that give you energy and kill your hunger at the same time.eat healthy

#3 Breastfeed your child

Breastfeeding burns those extra calories, so continue to do so. Besides it helps your child as well and gives him lifelong benefits like higher immunity. Do not starve yourself at any point in time. Starving releases toxins in the body that gets passed on to the milk to your child. You would not like that to happen.breastfeed your child

#4 Get moving

Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor, start your exercise regime. Start gradually and build it up on time and rigour. Do not over-do it. It should give you that “good-feeling” rather than straining you out. If you have had a c-section, your comfort is all the more important.

Start with walking, build it up to brisk walking and then running. Once you do it for a week of fortnight, it’s time to hit the gym. Those stubborn pounds will not go unless you work it out. Your body skin might appear lose to you post childbirth. Exercise is the only way to tighten them. the sooner you understand the better.jog your way to lose weight

#5 Run errands

Do not lose even a small opportunity to move around. Walk that extra mile!

#6 Walk with the pram

Go for evening walks along with your baby in the evening. Get some fresh air. Find out some stretching exercise you can do with the pram and baby alongside.walk with the pram

#7 Hire a personal trainer

If venturing out is an issue with a new born around, hire a personal trainer to visit you at home. You may not need too many fancy equipments to get going. A rubber belt, trampoline and stepper may just suffice. Do those lunges and squats  -your body needs them. Team up with few other mommies for that much needed exercise.trainer to lose weight

#8 Make it fun

Join a dance class. Dance forms like belly dancing help in inch loss along the belly giving you sexier curves. Once a week should also suffice but go out there exercise and enjoy yourself while you are at it.belly dancing to lose weight

#9 Never give up

Every woman’s cycle to lose weight is different. Some may take 3 months and some , more than a year. Keep at it. You would get to it gradually. Your skin would get tighter, your muscles stronger and you fitter. Keep a positive mind. Do not compare yourself to how many ponds other women may have shed. It’s your story, focus and work your way to it.

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