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9 Start-up Essentials For Your Business

You have the plan ready and finance too! Should you jump start into the business then? We give a ready checklist of all that you must make  sure exists before going all out and launching your business. We have segmented this into your front end and back end essentials.

A. The front-end business essentials

A business nameMy City Woman's tips to build your brand and other startup basics

This is going to your business identity – decide this with care. It is okay if it takes time to finalise but the name should be catchy, short and simple. It should also be available as a domain for web hosting for your online presence.

A logo

This too is essential to create your brand. It should also be present on your business cards, handouts and all other official communication that you need to do to promote your business.

A social presence

Social media is a very powerful tool. It can help you reach customers across continents in a matter of time. Create you presence on social media sites and create a buzz around your product or service.

A visiting card

When reaching out to vendors or even letting people around you know of your upcoming business, a business card really helps. Have a one that is simple, not too cramped with information and displays your logo.

B. The back-end business essentialsMy City Woman's blog on essentials required when you start your business

All of your back end support essentials must be tested well to see if they work well.

IT backend

You need to have a stable IT infrastructure before you get started officially. It should be able to store your customer data, vendor information and financial information in a secure way. You should invest in it early on rather than waiting to fix it once things go out of hand.

A financial accounting software

This one too is critical must before you start your business. Get a simple to operate accounting software that helps you manage your finances well when you do start operating your business.

A logistical support

Whether you are planning a full time employee or outsourcing it out, have your logistics sorted out. This is going to have a big impact on your customer experience – positive or negative.

A Sales and marketing plan

Talk to your distributors or retailers where you plan to sell your products. Look out for strategic tie ups with allied businesses. These give you an instant head start when you launch your business.

A good lawyerMy City Woman's blog on startup basics

A good lawyer is critical when you are starting up. Intellectual property rights, patents, copyrights are some of the things that requires legal attention. If funding is what you are scouting for, talk to your lawyer and figure out the modalities like profit sharing, say in decision making, equity participation and so on. You may also need to have non disclosure agreements (NDA’s) for licensing, distribution and franchising agreements. Tread it with caution and always play it safe by hiring a responsive and responsible legal help.

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