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8 Ways of Dealing With Kids Temper Tantrums

Every kid throws up a tantrum once in a while. It is every parents dream to be able to handle these efficiently. Many a times we lose our own temper and start spanking or yelling. We know it Is not productive in any way. We give you parenting tips on how to deal with temper tantrums with poise and self-control.  Sounds too good to be true? Well here it is…

#1 Understand the child’s demand

Is the child’s demand totally unreasonable? Does it have yo be completely disallowed? Can it be allowed after sometime? Think and then respond to your child. For instance, if the child wants a bar of chocolate, does it have to met with an emphatic “No!” or can you respond as “You can have it post dinner”

#2 Be ConsistentMy City Woman's tips on how to deal with kids tantrums

Your responses as a parent should be consistent. For instance, if television time is post finishing homework, do not change your permission criteria unnecessarily. This may confuse the child and they may not take you seriously.

#3 Do not give in to tantrum

Kids are quick enough to grasp what gets granted with tantrums like screaming, yelling, kicking and so on. Once you yield in to their demand due to this behaviour, they would respond the same way every time they want something. You can nip this in the bud by staying firm and not giving in. Once they realise that their demand is not getting met, they would find other ways of expressing themselves instead of throwing tantrums.

#4 Give them an option

Give your child a choice – “You can calm down or go to your room” This would help fight an escalated discussion and make you gain composure as well.

#5 Is it due to physical uneasiness?

Is the child hungry or sleepy? The child may be tired or frustrated. Be empathetic to your child’s needs to and ensure that tantrum is not due to physical uneasiness.

#6 Explain your disapproval

“Because I said so!” and “No!” is not an explanation. Give the child reason as to why his demand may not be met. Smart kids reason, it is okay to explain. With time they would understand the reason too.

# 7 Hug your child

Sometimes love helps when screaming does not. Once the child feels loved, he is more likely to listen to you. This would also help in managing relationship with your kid in a healthy way.

#8 Create a “time-out” time

This works well with slightly older children. Create space for yourself and your child by creating a time out zone when both of you do not talk. Its just quiet time. This helps in calming down and thinking rationally.

Next time up your collar and deal with your kids tantrums like a pro!


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