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8 Time Management Ideas That Really Work!

Forever crunched for time?  We give you 8 intelligent time management  ideas that would ease your life. My favourite is point number 7 here on the list!

1.Prioritize : Really, the importance of this cannot be over-emphasized. To get it clear, create mental baskets in your mind ” Urgent-can’t wait”; Urgent- but can wait for a day”, “not so urgent” “can get to it next week”.


2.Create a schedule : This would help you to plan for your tasks. A good way to do this is to start your day a few minutes in advance. Arrive early at work. Check your emails. Write down in your diary , by priority, along with the timelines. An example would be:




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Medium 9.00 AM to 12:00PM
Meeting an irate client Urgent

12.00 to 1:00 AM



3.Follow your schedule : Creating it is as important as sticking to the plan. Try not to overshoot the time set for each task. It is important that you keep some buffer when planning for the time. This would give you some leeway, even if you overshoot the time limit a little.


4.Shut away distractions : If you need to , keep your phone on a “do not disturb” mode. Find a meeting room where you can work without distractions.


5.Set reminders: Use your smart phone smartly and use the reminder feature in your calendar. Follow it diligently and you would never miss a meeting or an assignment.


6.Learn to say “NO” : When you know that your plate is full, there is no point in taking on more. This would risk not only the quality of your work , but also make you look like someone who never meets deadlines.


7.Keep perfection at bay : A lot of people fuss over perfections in everything. No wonder they lag behind timelines and are always cribbing that they do not have time! It’s good to do perfect work each time, but real bad if you miss other priorities as well. Try to do “good enough work” , rather than “perfect work” if you have your hands full.


8.Take a break! : If you are stuck at some point, instead of spending more time over it, get to it later. Don’t mess up timelines for other urgent tasks in waiting.


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