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8 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Travel The World Alone At least Once In Her Lifetime!

Travelling alone can be one of the most memorable and liberating experience one can have in their lifetimes. A girl who travels alone attracts attention everywhere.  Not many girls think too much of it either. The pleasant transformation of personality that Kangana Ranaut’s character undergoes in the movie  “Queen” may not be too stretched.  We give you 8 reasons on why every girl should travel the world alone at least once in her life time.

#1 It is liberating

You can let go of your inhibitions. No one knows you to judge you all along. It is indeed a liberating experience.

#2 It builds confidence

A girl who has travelled the world alone wins confidence for a lifetime. She loses the inhibition of doing anything “alone”. It teaches her that she is company to herself and it is not so tough after all.

#3  Memorable Memories for a lifetime

Funny, happy, sad or downright adventurous, you will have those memories to tell your friends and family. Anecdotes to cherish forever!

#4 Plan your itinerary as you like

You no longer have to visit places and do things for the sake of people accompanying you. If you like museums, you do museums. If you life beaches, you do it! No pretence, no fake travel!!

#5 Learn about people

You learn more about people, good or bad when you travel alone. The way people come across to you when they realize that you are on your own is very different. What you have to pick up is how to deal with it. It is an indispensible life skill.

#6 Make new friends

You may get to make friends, if you like! For instance, you may chat up with a bartender when you have no one to talk to, you come to know him. It would have been unlikely had you been travelling with someone.

#7 You save money

You can save a lot of money on hotel, flight and sightseeing when you travel alone. You can compromise occasionally on the place you eat or mode of conveyance and so on and stay well within your budget.

#8 Discover yourself

Sometimes people discover themselves then they lose themselves. Philosophical but true! The me-time you get can lead you to soul search and get you the answers you were looking for and sometimes find questions that you had suppressed deep within.

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